Dynamics CRM Sales FAQs

Are the dashboards live in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

All dashboards within Microsoft Dynamics CRM are live. Sales reports are available and refreshed on a ‘live’ basis to all users, including cancelled business and opportunity statuses.

Can Microsoft CRM be used as a full KPI reporting suite?

Every user has the ability to create their own personal dashboard with charts and reports. System dashboards and reports can also be created to be shared amongst a group of users.With Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have the ability for ‘live’ data to be filtered into direct reports and monitor brands and company performance.

Can Microsoft CRM be used as a telemarketing tool?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not come equipped with auto-dialing options (as an out-of-box function) and it needs to be externally configured. Empower IT has experience setting this function for  many clients previously.

This is done through integration with the existing phone system. As a result of the integration, users can even capture voice recordings from the phone system and attach them as MP3 files to the lead / opportunity for quality management checking.

Can Microsoft CRM be used for reporting actual sales with financial details?

The Actual sales are reported in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM by default. Management dashboard can enable users with financial and managerial previliges to interact with the data (drill down) based on monthly, quaterly, yearly etc…

Can Microsoft CRM be used to setup multi-tiered level of access?

Multiple Tiers of security access  to suite business requirements can be setup in Microsoft. This can be based on Geographical Locations (e.g. Regions) and Line of business (e.g. Kitchen Installations vs Kitchen Repairs)  and Type of Role (Sales, Operations, Marketing etc)

Can Microsoft CRM be used to understand a customer's purchase pattern and identify upselling opportunities?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an intuitive software that understands consumer purchase, help identify upselling / crosselling opportunities and allow users to remarket add-on products.

It has the Microsoft Office look and feel and works very well with Microsoft Outlook by automatically syncing enquiry related emails to the lead records as as well personal calendars.  As such the users can have the the same calendar in Outlook as in the CRM.

Do CRM administrators have the ability to add/remove users with ranging access requirements?

The main Microsoft CRM champion within your organisation can be trained on doing this.

Does Microsoft CRM allow an online appointment management capability?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM calendar is much like the Outlook calendar; it shows all scheduled appointments and service activities. You can set up rules that guide and assist you when scheduling appointments or service activities.

Does Microsoft CRM offer full data analytics?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers full data analysis and report generation capabilities including productivity measures.  Data analysis can be tailored to suit exact business needs.

Does Microsoft CRM offer full remote accessiblity on a mobile device?

Microsoft CRM supports Apple products, Android and Windows Devices. For more info please see this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm-customer-center/crm-for-phones-and-tablets-user-s-guide.aspx

Does Microsoft CRM offer lead generation and management capabilities?

Lead generation and management are the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM