New Managed BYOD and network solutions for K – 12 schools

The Empower IT Solutions team are celebrating the launch of our new Managed BYOD solution for schools! We’re excited to deliver a solution for education that covers all the bases. We’ve taken into account everything from:

  • network security,
  • policies,
  • software,
  • NAPLAN requirements, and
  • student welfare.

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) is where you allow your students to use personal devices for learning in the classroom. We’ve removed the BYOD inequity by mandating the device options available. We then equip our BYOD devices with the right management, security and collaboration tools.

Education Solutions Manager of Empower IT, Salim Sukari says “Our BYOD solution moves with the times and can help both students and teachers stay on top of the digital world”.

Your BYOD devices will come equipped with:

  • secure networks,
  • content filtering,
  • preconfigured with usage policies, and
  • different user profile settings.

“By leveraging device technology, teachers can deepen student learning, digital literacy, and citizenship in students that will prepare them for the high tech world in which they will live, learn and work.” Alberta Education (2012)

Advance your student’s academic performance with anywhere, anytime learning

Build a Technology Fund for your school network

For a limited time, we are offering schools the ability to deploy a managed device solution while building a technology fund that can be put towards their school network.  Find out how much technology fund your school can potentially receive, by filling out our quick tech fund survey

Empower IT Solutions specialise in BYOD and IT network solutions for K – 12 schools. Our goal is to inspire powerful new ways for students to collaborate and engage in self-directed learning, by using the latest in technology.  Let’s discuss your school’s needs and come up with a customised solution for your individual school’s requirements. Call Empower IT Solutions on 1300 797 888.

Find out how your school can get involved in our innovative Managed BYOD solution for education.


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