School Devices

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Unlock your student’s potential with anywhere, anytime learning 

Empower classrooms to student led learning with Managed BYOD for education. Empower IT Solutions are passionate about empowering students beyond the curriculum, preparing them for the real world by integrating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into pedagogy.  By providing schools with Managed BYOD solutions which mandate school devices with the right device management, security and collaboration tools.  This enables students to:

  • excel in learning,
  • facilitate creativity,
  • engage with STEM, and
  • prepare for the future.

Learning becomes student led and the teacher a facilitator.  By unleashing the third space, teachers can advance student’s academic performance with anywhere, anytime learning. Our technology enables teachers to better manage classrooms, curriculum and assign homework, seamlessly transitioning from one place to another, untethered from the classroom.

Beyond BYOD – What’s included in your bundle?

  • 1:1 ongoing device management: Device hardware, software support and training for students and teachers with a dedicated account manager
  • Parent device procurement portal: We’ve simplified the process so parent’s can easily purchase their child a device
  • Auto device enrolment: Manage student and teacher registrations automatically to the school’s network
  • NAPLAN supported devices
  • Network ready: Preconfigured with usage policies and security settings
  • Free replacement/loan devices*
  • Your school’s choice: Pen interfaced device Lenovo Windows or Acer Chrome with your choice of Microsoft Office 365 for Education or G-Suite for Education platforms
  • CyberHound Software: Australia’s most trusted and comprehensive student wellbeing technology preconfigured on all BYOD devices

*conditions apply

Benefits to your school

5 point plan Fast roll out: Seamless roll out of your school’s Managed BYOD policy with our 5 point plan.
teacher controlled BYOD devices Teacher controlled: Manage classrooms and target individual needs, differentiate learning and ensure students are engaged in the right tasks.
custom solutions Peace of mind: Secured trusted devices with content filtering, preconfigured usage policies and hardware warranty.
Custom solution: A dedicated account manager provides professional learning and customised solutions for individual school requirements.
Workforce ready STEM development: Devices have been linked to increasing STEM adoption and enable critical thinking, science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.
Device equality: Remove disparities and inequity by mandating the device options available to students.
group collaboration Group collaboration: Students create projects where they can collaborate to adapt, build, design and engineer tech to solve group goals.
higher academic results Higher academic results: Students learning and developing on devices that go beyond textbooks. Allowing them to save, share and collaborate with their work like never before.
device Peace of mind: Secured trusted devices covering content filtering, anti-bullying, student welfare and intrusion protection.
Group collaboration Save time: Auto enrolment for different profiles for school leaders, teachers, students and office staff.
21st century skills: Prepare students for University and the workforce using mainstream technology.
right devices Avoid BYO-Disaster: Avoid Bring-Your-Own-Disaster and the “Performance-Preference Paradox,” which is a mismatch between the interface and device people say they prefer and what best supports their performance.
Faster deployment at any scale: Streamlining user profiles with the apps and tools that match your educational outcomes.

Contact the Empower IT team for more information about how you can empower your students with 21st century technology.