School Network

Future-ready, secure network solutions to enable your school’s success

With an ever-increasing number of devices now being used in many schools, the demands for reliable wireless communications, network and internet access has dictated that the wireless network is now a crucial part of the schools infrastructure.

We work with you to deliver a tailored network solution that can offer your school several benefits to students and teachers:

  • Students can share files faster and more reliably,
  • Central printers can be made accessible to students more conveniently,
  • Teachers can carry out their day-to-day communications with each other more efficiently through email and messaging. News and class project information can be easily disseminated to students,
  • Students can more easily collaborate on group projects using network software applications, and
  • Secure student, staff, and guest WiFi access.

Speak to the Empower IT team about delivering the next generation network solutions in your school.