Using Microsoft SharePoint Online in conjunction with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow allows companies to have tailored Employee Leave Management work-flows that are easy-to-use, web-based, mobile friendly and an effective way to manage employee leave if the current in place HR solution does not have an employee self service portal.

In summary, the tailored HR solution takes into consideration employee leave entitlements, allows employees to enter digital leave requests, maintains a history of employee leave requests that are granted/rejected and calculates remaining leave allowed.

Our Employee Leave Management solution is developed using Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft PowerApps and can be integrated with Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365), MYOB and HRMS solutions for greater functionality and use.

Who needs an Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online?

Employee leave is not a discretionary employee extra or added benefit, it is an entitlement set by national workplace laws and an established part of national employment standards. As a compulsory workplace entitlement, employee leave often falls within the role of business managers, human resource officers and/or accounting personnel.

Traditionally, the employee leave management systems at many organisations have relied on a combination of: paper-based forms; paper-based records, policies and processes; convoluted spreadsheets or manual filing systems; as well as a number of different people, in different departments/locations; involved in the overall leave request and approval process. . Under such systems, leave and employee time-off requests and associated responses can take a long time to process, adding frustration to what is often described as a very cumbersome task. Add to this, considerations about skills shortages arising from leave and; the time it takes to manually search and cross-check documents when considering new leave requests; and the task becomes even more burdensome.

With the above in mind, the use of an intelligent, mostly automated, leave management system; can save organisations a great deal of time and headache, reducing the consequences arising from manual errors or lost paperwork.

Organisations interested in creating a system that ensures: a fair and acceptable employee leave process; and a system capable of meeting the growing needs of employer companies, should consider the Empower IT Employee Leave Software solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online today.

Software Features: Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online

The Empower IT Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online offers numerous benefits ranging from ease-of-use to skill-shortage management. With the scalability option, companies of all sizes can effectively and efficiently manage their employee leave data. Some of our software features include:

An Easy-to-Use Web-based Interface

The Empower IT Employee Leave Management Solution allows leave requests to be submitted online and rejections or approvals to be communicated via automated email notification.

Automatic Leave Accruals

The Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online allows administrators to set up leave accruals that automatically update once: leave requests are accepted, leave is carried forward, or leave is forfeited.

Reporting and Analytics

With the Employee Leave Management Software, managers, human resource officers or leave coordinators, are able to gain instant visibility of employee: leave balances, leave histories, and overall quantity of leave requests or approvals for any given period. They can also filter leave by employee, team, or leave type, access associated documentation and keep track of peak work periods.

Customisable and Flexible User Interface

Companies can personalise the solution with corporate logo and colours; add their particular leave parameters, and set data permissions and restrictions according to employee hierarchy.

Leave Management Reminders

The solution can be configured to send reminders to individual employees, and/or managers in relation to any outstanding requirements (such as medical certificates) needed to approve or reject leave.

Business Benefits

The Empower IT Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online is a feature-rich solution that is packed with cost and time-saving benefits. Key benefits include:

Improved and more efficient Collaboration between Internal teams – the system brings together employees, human resources staff , managers and/or payroll officers to make quicker, more informed leave decisions, which can in turn reduce the consequences of excessive staff absenteeism. Insufficient staff can lead to skills shortage and/or missed project deadlines. With this application, an employee’s leave management becomes a collaborative decision, reducing the occurrences of skill/staff shortage ensuring project deliverables are met.

Enforcement of Internal Leave Policies –Software allows companies to track staff leave, preventing staff abuse of leave entitlements that can in turn, impact on company output levels and human resource costs.

Enhanced data Integrity – By eliminating the use of paper-based request submissions and minimising manual data entry, there is little room for data entry errors and discrepancies.

Compliance with National Workplace Laws and Employment Standards – as a comprehensive system for managing employee leave, our software application ensures that you can track, monitor, and remedy any leave entitlement issues before they become potentially costly legal issues.

Ultimately, the Empower IT Employee Leave Management solution using Microsoft SharePoint Online helps organisations manage one of their most important business assets and business expenses, that is, their human resources. By helping you with the monitoring, documenting and managing of employee leave, Empower IT ensures that your business enhances its employee relations, meets its legal obligations and employs an effective solution that pays dividends by way of its simplicity, scalability and reliability. .

If you would like a demo of our Employee Leave Management system, or would like to know if a specific feature or function could be added to it; contact us on 1300 797 888 or write to us on: [email protected] (Ref: Employee Leave Management Software).


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