The Empower IT Employee Portal is an online HTML5 based intranet that allows collaboration between mobile employees and head office. With the help of this solution, employees and managers can remotely share work-related information   and communicate with each other in real-time. The result is streamlined and synergised communications that contribute to the achievement of common goals.

An optimised employee portal allows your organisation to: foster a culture of team collaboration, improve intra and inter departmental communication, enable availability of new applications and resources, and protect internal information from external sources.

The Empower IT Employee Portal is powered by the Microsoft SharePoint platform and can integrate with Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365), Finance and HR applications for widespread relevance, use and functionality.

Who needs an Employee Portal?

Generally, an employee portal is useful for companies that have a large employee base and/or are spread across different geographical locations or time zones. This solution is also applicable to organisations with a large number of salespeople or mobile workforce who might need access to training materials, marketing collaterals, pricing documents, OHS booklets, and corporate brochures and so on.

The solution is guaranteed to have a positive impact across companies in all industry sectors including Construction & Trades, Education, Finance & Insurance, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Not-for-profit, Professional Service, Retail, Security Services, and Transport organisations.

Software Features: Empower IT Employee Portal

  • Secure Document Sharing: Organisations can share divisional and organisational policy and procedure documents with their mobile employees. Employees will be using their individual corporate logins to access the portal and thus proper restrictions can be applied to who views what type of document.
  • News & Announcements: All the announcements, marketing messages and other major news can be sent to the employee portal eliminating the need to send internal memos or emails. Employees across departments and/or geographic locations can work together for creating, reviewing or modifying an important company collateral.
  • Company Forms: The various HR, operational and other business related forms can be automated within the employee portal. Companies can also upload and track performance based questionnaires and get feedback on a particular task or projects via the employee portal.
  • Content Searching: All key documents and data can easily be searched for with the portal’s powerful search function.
  • Department-specific pages: Each department in the company can have a dedicated page that is consistent with the structure of the intranet site.
  • Ease-of-use: Each page within the portal is also user friendly and easy to maneuver.
  • Staff Directory: All staff-related data such as phone numbers, email addresses, and direct-line numbers, can be accessed within the portal.

Empower IT’ Employee Portal Benefits

SharePoint-based Employee Portal – The Employee Portal application is based on Microsoft SharePoint and seamlessly integrates with various business systems such as CRM for Sales, Finance, HR and Quality Control. This provides the key business stakeholders with staff-performance related information. A SharePoint-based solution also provides organisations with an assurance that the solution is secure and credible.

Team Collaboration – Discussion boards created within the employee portal can help staff come up with collaborative ideas for a project, cutting the time needed for physical meetings, saving the organisation valuable time. Additionally, this helps track an individual member’s contribution towards a project or task. Instant messaging option within the Employee Portal can help improve employee interaction and increase productivity.

Strategic Asset – By ensuring team collaboration and improving resource deliverability with various security restrictions the employee portal can easily become a strategic asset to the company’s management team as they can track all necessary information related to their employees through the portal.

Geographical Independence – The Employee Portal application allows teams across time zones to effectively communicate. This helps each company branch function independently at the same time effortlessly share and collaborate with others on vital projects.

If you would like to know more about the Employee Portal or or get a demo, call the Empower IT team today at 1300 797 888 or write to [email protected].


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