The Facilities Assessment Tool is a mobile-enabled portal that allows users to perform on-the-spot assessments of facilities.

These assessment data can be uploaded securely in real-time to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365) which then approximates the cost of operations in the areas of lighting, metering, ventilation & cooling and water.

Based on best-of-class Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.Net framework, it offers a rich feature-set solution supporting the assessment requirements for the operations department of Construction & Trades and Professional Services industries.

Why do I need a Facilities Assessment Tool?

facilities-assessment-tool-1Traditionally assessments were done using a clipboard, paper and pen. These details were later uploaded in the company database (mainly excel spreadsheets).

Empower IT wanted to:

  • Make it easy for the assessors to come up with a quote instantaneously.
  • Ensure the assessment data is accurate.
  • Reduce paper trials.
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors.

To meet the above-mentioned business objectives Empower IT developed the Facilities Assessment Tool.

Features & Benefits

facilities-assessment-tool-2With the traditional assessment method there are chances of data being lost or stolen and/or incorrect data entered in the system. It was also difficult to come up with a quote or address any customer grievances in case of assessment reports.

The report generation capability was also fairly limited.

With a Facilities Assessment Tool you get to:

  • Communicate securely with the server
  • Complete the assessment via an easy to use mobile interface
  • Store the assessment data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Enhanced reporting capability
  • Go paperless
  • Send quotes instantly to customers

If you are from the construction, trades or professional services industry and / or involved in assessment of facilities and / or providing quotes to customers, then you need to check out Empower IT Solutions Facilities Assessment Tool.

To know more about how you and your organisation can benefit from the solution, call 1300 797 838 for an obligation free discussion.


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