The Empower IT Field Service Management Solution provides service-based organisations; with a streamlined work-order management system and helps them effectively manage their field workers and technicians. This solution also helps maintain a digital trail of all their work-orders; enabling businesses to analyse and understand their most revenue-generating service contracts.

Developed using Dynamics 365 for Field Service; this solution is best suited for businesses interested in increasing field-worker efficiency. Empower IT offers custom configuration option for the Field Service Management Solution to integrate with the company-specific systems if required.
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Service organisations manage complex processes spanning across multiple divisions. This means visibility into the technician’s location; service contracts and warranties and inventory data can be quite difficult. Failing to promptly renew service contracts and overstocking inventory are some of the challenges service organisations frequently encounter; in addition to being unable to effectively track company’s overall performance.

Service organisations who wish to ditch the traditional break-fix method; and adopt the latest “never-fail” business model are likely to benefit from Empower IT Field Service Management Solution. Accessible via the internet; the Field Service Management Solution offers real-time visibility into all the service contracts and work-order statuses; allowing organisations to take quick action.[/expand]

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Empower IT’ Field Service Management Solution allows business owners to maintain and track their service contracts and inventory stock-levels. This solution serves as the technician’s go-to database for information on job-orders and customer contracts. Features include:

Anomaly Detection & JIT Maintenance – The Field Service Management Solution is configured to; automatically alert businesses when their devices break-down or are not functioning properly. Service organisations can then remotely repair the equipment and if required dispatch a technician. Periodic maintenance can also be scheduled alongside the existing appointments to improve equipment efficiency.

Automated Work Order Creation – The Field Service Management Solution comes with workflows; that allows businesses to check for service agreements before automatically generating work-orders and assigning the right field worker for the job. The solution can be further customised to check for contracts that are due for renewal and notify staff to take action.

Inventory Management – The Field Service Management Solution provides businesses with the option to view their current stock-levels and place an inventory order; enabling organisations to have the right quantity of materials with reference to the work-orders.

Mobile App with Electronic Signature Collection – The Field Service Management Solution is available as a mobile app; enabling technicians to access job orders and other work-related data while on the field. The mobile app also enables field service workers to increase compliance by enabling them to collect customer signatures on completed job orders.

Reporting and Analytics – Built using Dynamics 365; the Field Service Management Solution comes with rich data analytics and reporting functionality that enables organisations to gauge the performance of their technicians as well as the organisation as a whole.


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Empower IT’ Field Service Management Solution provides complete picture of all service operations by combining the previously used systems for managing warranty contracts, inventory, equipment repair status, vendor/partner relations, operations and back-office functions via one single service management platform. The high-level benefits of the Field Service Management Solution include:

Predictive Services & Product Performance Tracking – Field Service Management Solution has a built-in artificial intelligence functionality that enables organisations to analyse equipment data and predict service opportunities. Businesses can also use this predictive service functionality to track the performance of the devices and remotely initiate regular equipment maintenance processes.

Significant Cost Savings –The Field Service Management Solution reduces paper-trails and back-office overheads. It empowers organisations by dispatching technicians only when required. Additionally, its built-in inventory management capability provides real-time inventory updates and minimises costly inventory write-downs. Overall this solution offers service organisations significant cost savings.

Field worker efficiency – The Field Service Management Solution comes with workflows to automatically detect a technician’s current location and assign the job that is closest to him; saving travel time and costs whilst ensuring more service calls are attended to and maximum field visits are covered on any given day.

Enhanced Customer Experiences – Business owners and service managers have access to all the work-order related data within the Field Service Management dashboard. This makes it easier to promptly address customer enquiries and provide details of a technician’s location and expected time of arrival. This solution also notifies management when contracts are due to be renewed; enabling them to take prompt action.


Overall, service organisations can convert their business into a strategic revenue-generating centre with Empower IT Field Service Management Solution. For more information on how this solution can help you achieve your business goals contact our team on 1300 797 888


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