WK Marble and Granite team boost server-workstation response times by upgrading their infrastructure.

Business benefits

  • Swapped existing slow ADSL connections for shared corporate internet connections
  • Replaced servers with a virtualisation solution and reduced desktop-to-server response time
  • Eliminated productivity lags and operational inefficiencies


  • Replace existing slow ADSL connections with faster internet connections
  • Upgrade existing servers and fix server-workstation response delays
  • Increase staff productivity and operational efficiencies

WK Marble and Granite Profile

WK Marble and Granite is Australia’s leading distributor of natural and engineered stone. Operating from warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, WK services a wide customer base, including shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, airports, and skyscrapers.


WK Marble and Granite were experiencing difficulties and delays in how their desktops would respond to their servers. They had two internet connections separated from their two companies, and their ADSL connections were slow. One server was running out of space, while the other was out of warranty. This was a situation that needed an immediate solution.


Empower IT Solutions stepped in and reconsolidated the networks. Both servers were replaced with a virtualisation solution that allowed efficiency, without hindering the company’s productivity. Empower IT removed their two slow ADSL connections and replaced them with a shared corporate internet connection that provided much faster speeds for both companies at the same cost.


Empower IT Solutions has implemented an infrastructure upgrade for WK Marble and Granite. The upgrade was carried out after consultation to enhance speeds and resolve the overlapping of two servers; one of which belongs to another WK Marble and Granite company. The upgrade consisted of Internet, Server and virtualisation improvements.

Upon implementing this solution, WK Marble and Granite experienced a number of benefits.

  • All the important programs are loading and operating at optimum speeds without lags in their productivity.
  • Staff have access to a significantly faster internet connection
  • The company experienced a faster corporate internet connection at the same cost as the previous two separate slow internet connections.
  • The workstation-to-server response time is almost instantaneous
  • The company noticed increased employee productivity and operational efficiencies

If you’re interested in experiencing these benefits or upgrading your current infrastructure, please contact the Empower IT Solutions team at 1300 797 888.

Chief Financial Officer


“In the time we have experienced with Empower IT, we have been able to consistently grow without the IT bumps. Due to our managed services agreement, we have realised the importance of ensuring that we have a qualified team of IT professionals awaiting our call.”


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