Intranet Development

Intranets help organisations crowdsource information, identify trends, collaborate and discuss potential issues and make informed business decisions. In today’s modern era; the company intranet is the platform that binds staff together and improves employee engagement. In fact having the right intranet platform helps increase productivity and improve interaction with internal and external teams.

Companies need to ideally formulate a strategy for their corporate intranet site. Our intranet development services include analysing your business objectives, crafting an intranet strategy according to your business goals and developing and implementing the corporate intranet site. We help organisations identify employee needs and the business processes before formulating a personalised intranet strategy. For example, company objectives can revolve around:

  • Improving the ability to share and exchange information across the organisation
  • Improving the “time to talent,” the speed with which new employees become productive
  • Reducing the overhead management costs on projects

Once the strategy is defined; companies need to focus on choosing the right platform for the intranet site. There are hundreds of intranet platforms with vendors promising extraordinary features such as workflow automation and approval capabilities, personalisation functions, CRM/ERP integrations and the like. Our decade long intranet development experience has proved that Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best technologies for a corporate intranet site.

Components of intranet site

The components that need to be included on the corporate intranet is defined in the strategy. Some of the intranet modules developed by the Empower IT Solutions team include:

News and announcements – Company related news, updates and announcements are one of the most common components of corporate intranets. Apart from company announcements; businesses can also use this section to share company blog feed and industry trends that help employees stay updated on latest happenings in their business sector.

Media carousal – Many businesses are requesting a video or image carousel to share product/service features or functions.

Content repository – Document or content repository is another common component businesses prefer in an intranet site. This section is used to share internal files, co-author documents and downloadable materials for staff use.

Staff personal page – An employee personal page acts as a private website where staff can store their project files, define, manage and track their individual KPIs, access their goals and manage their timesheets. While most of this section is only for the employee’s use, some pages such as performance metrics and timesheets need to be accessed by respective managers/supervisors.

Company directory – A company phone book containing details about the current employees’ phone, email, messaging id, designation, location and where necessary expertise is a must-have section in corporate intranet sites.

HR & IT forms and links – Companies that opt for corporate intranets ensure all human resources and IT forms and links are made available to staff through their dedicated section. This reduces paperwork and maintains a digital trail of all the communications employees have with HR and IT departments.

Knowledgebase – Including a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and product specifications in the intranet makes it easier to on-board new employees as well as train existing employees.

Staff collaboration widget – Some companies provide their employees with a collaboration widget within the intranet site that is used for collaborating, communicating and sharing information.

Project discussion board – Project based businesses prefer including a discussion forum in their intranet where workgroups or project groups are formed discuss project-related tasks, activities and queries.

Finally, with so much information crammed into the website and numerous sections, companies are looking for intranet to have a robust search functionality that helps users to easily find the information they seek.

The Empower IT Solutions team will not only help build the intranet website with the company-requested components but will also create a streamlined approach towards uploading data into the site. This not only improves search-ability but helps users navigate through the site quickly and effectively.

How we deliver

Microsoft SharePoint comes with rich features such as CMS, team collaboration, employee directory, blogs, wiki and is one of the best platforms for creating intranets. In addition the companies using Microsoft Office or related products; are able to take advantage of the seamless integration offered by the technology giant. SharePoint has been around for a long time now and its familiarity proves beneficial in increasing product adoption.

Empower IT Solutions has been developing SharePoint based custom intranet sites for Australian businesses for over 10 years. An intranet can help you consolidate your business processes and streamline your day-to-day operations. Don’t let your competition get ahead; call the Empower IT Solutions team on 1300 797 888 and get your own custom corporate intranet site.