Dark Web Monitoring Services

Dark Web is the most submerged, deepest part of the internet. The online equivalent of the black market, is where users can purchase usernames, passwords, stolen credit card information, illegal software, and even cybercriminals for hire. A company’s hacked data frequently end up on the dark web, causing huge financial and reputational harm to any Australian business.

The most common action attackers perform with your data on the Dark Web is an Account or Identity Takeover. Account Takeover is where the attacker logins into your various services and platforms to impersonate you and eventually cause financial loss. Account takeover attempts may be highly targeted, particularly early in the breach timeline, making early detection critical. The earlier username and password breaches are flagged, the sooner action can be taken to prevent or minimise further damage.

How Can We Help?

Empower IT Solutions provides dark web monitoring services that continuously search the dark web for information about your business that is commercially sensitive, enabling you to take swift action if a compromise is discovered.

Dark Web Monitoring is an add-on product to our Managed IT Services and works as follows:

  1. The Dark Web is regularly scanned for your business credentials.
  2. Once a data leak is detected, an incident ticket is created in our platform for our dedicated analysts to review.
  3. If the alert is confirmed to be a positive data breach, the client is informed, and action is taken depending on the type of breach.

We give your business unparalleled visibility into the dark web so you can take action before a threat becomes lethal to your business.

  • Broad threat intelligence library
  • Ability to index millions of dark web pages
  • Real-time alerts based on fresh data
  • Monitors real-time dark web searches and mentions about your business
  • Detect dark web data leaks or any data breach of company information
  • Identify possible threats
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Provides robust cyber security strategy and smart workflows
Dark Web Features

Dark Web Monitoring: How Does our Business Benefit?

Our Dark Web Monitoring Services, also known as Data Breach Monitoring not only protect assets and the integrity of data from exploits, but they also enhance your organisation by:

  • Gaining full visibility into the wide internet underground and activities
  • Obtaining early warnings for targeted attacks
  • Understanding new cybercriminal tactics and risks
  • Maintaining control over sensitive information and intellectual property.

During these modern times, modern solutions must be implemented. Dark web monitoring and early data breach detection can save your business from harmful financial and operational impacts. Secure and properly monitor your assets by ensuring that your data is not exploited in any part of the web.

Know more about our Dark Web Services by sending us an enquiry, or calling 1300 797 838.