Website Security Services

Protecting your websites and applications from web attacks

Websites APIs and applications are a significant vector for cyber criminals seeking to penetrate your systems. Attacks can range from targeted database manipulation to large-scale network disruptions. Our Website Security Services will protect your organisation from sophisticated vulnerabilities and threats such as:

  • Malicious traffic: Web application firewalls protect web application from malicious HTTP traffic.
  • Unknown intrusions: Bad actors can attempt to hijack DNS request process through DNS cache poisoning, on-path attacks and other methods.
  • Compromised systems: Identification and isolation of compromised systems.
  • DDoS attacks: We use various strategies to properly route legitimate requests without a loss of service.

What's included?

Our team aims to secure your websites, APIs and internet applications to protect your corporate networks, employees and devices. We obtain complete visibility over all your web traffic with flexible enforcement tools that work the way you need. Our services mitigate vulnerabilities through encryption, patching and good software development hygiene. Our Website Security Services include, but is not limited to:

  • DNS filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Web content filtering
  • Web application firewall
  • DDoS management
  • API protection

Benefits to your business

Our Website Security Services ensure that your websites, APIs and internet applications are secure, private, fast and reliable, and enhance your business by:

  • Blocking common attacks on websites.
  • Providing visibility to security events and suspicious activities.
  • Restricting administrative access from unknown locations.

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