27-Point IT Audit

Nowadays, computer networks are crucial to business operation. Each device in your network plays an important role, but it also has a unique set of requirements. An IT audit can check your network and devices to ensure everything is stable and efficient.

The Empower IT Solutions Network Health Check is a 27-point IT Infrastructure Audit that can detect the possibility of future system crashes, identify ways to increase computing efficiencies and speed, and save you money. Our engineers have been building and troubleshooting networks since 2004.

If you are experiencing chronic problems with your computers, networks and phone systems and would like someone to give your systems a thorough run-through, contact Empower IT Solutions today to book an IT Audit. T&Cs apply.

IT Audit Methodology

Determine Capacity and Scalability
As the first phase of our IT audit, Empower IT will access and check the capacity of your existing infrastructure. Our certified technician will examine components such as your Active Directory, Exchange database, and Storage servers. The technician will also make observations about the scalability of your infrastructure – based on business goals.

Network Reliability
The next phase of the IT audit includes testing the reliability and performance of your existing network. Any past critical network issues are analysed. Your company’s hardware is compared against industry best practice standards and businesses of similar size or situation.

Business Continuity Readiness
In this phase of the IT Audit, your organisation is checked for business readiness and your disaster recovery and backup plans are thoroughly analysed. Backup failure flags, backup recovery processes, and business continuity capabilities are evaluated. Suggestions and recommendations are offered to minimise downtime and continue operations in the event of an arising danger or disaster.

Network Security
Once your IT hardware and plans are tested and analysed, your IT and network security practices are closely observed. Security patches, antivirus and other software configurations are evaluated to weigh protections against malware, viruses, trojans and the latest ransomware. Security permissions are tested and staff awareness is also analysed.

Finally at the end of the 27-point IT network health audit, businesses are provided with a detailed “Report of Findings”. This report includes suggestions and recommendations to optimise your IT environment and maximise systematic performance.

Top 6 Benefits of an IT Audit

  • Organisations will have the ability to address network infrastructure issues affecting their daily operations.
  • Businesses will be able to optimally redesign the network infrastructure to support current and future requirements.
  • Companies will be able to prevent future business loss that could occur through network infrastructure-related incidents.
  • Company management will be able to reassess and increase the effectiveness of their infrastructure budgeting and investment decisions.
  • Businesses will be able to protect assets and increase operational efficiency.
  • Organisations will be able to benchmark their IT systems against the latest available technologies and learn how they can increase reliability, productivity and maybe even cost-efficiencies.

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