Business Phone System

We only use the systems you know and trust

Don’t let outdated phone systems hold you back. The recent advancements in business communications calls for advanced communications systems. Boost your company’s sales and increase staff productivity with latest and up-to-date business phone systems. Having worked closely with Cisco, Skype, and 3CX phone systems, we ensure that we can provide you with VoIP solutions that best suits your business needs.

Our team can analyse your business operations and recommend the best options for your organisation. Unify your VoIP systems with other communication systems and enjoy the benefit of a complete communications package tailored for you.

What you will receive

An experienced team of professionals
Our team of professionals are available to support your company in all aspects of IT services. Our technicians and consultants work together to bring forward to you the most catered VoIP solutions suited to your business.

Instant messaging
In a world of rapid communication, we need to have access to instant messages from a number of various mediums. The VoIP systems we recommend, can be integrated into a number of other forms of communications. This allows our business phone solutions to enhance your operations and communication mediums.

Video calls
Improve your team productivity, strengthen customer relationships and scale expertise throughout your organisation and beyond. Video conferencing and content has never been easier. The level of which video calls and video integration can be utilised today are phenomenal.

Online meetings
Online meetings are essential in order for businesses to be ahead of the game.  To maintain productivity levels, we need to be able to work anywhere and any time. That includes having meetings with clients, employees, and ensuring the flexibility of interacting in different ways.


Stay in touch anywhere
The various business phone options we provide, allow for users to stay in touch in any circumstance. As long as you have some sort of internet connection, you can communicate with your staff, management, friends, family, suppliers, clients or any other stakeholder of your business. Today options when interacting worldwide, nationally or locally, are phenomenal. Take advantages of these possibilities by consulting with us about what would work best for you.

Use the device you want
Your VoIP systems can be integrated with a variety of devices that enable you to attach just about every communication medium to your telephony. The experience that users are capable of acquiring with the VoIP systems are truly amazing.

Communicate in the right way
You are to own the way you want to communicate with people. Why shouldn’t you? With the systems that can be integrated with our telephony options, you are given a position with flexibility. Don’t waste any more time. Communicate in the right way with the relevant people.

Connect with the outside world

The world has become your oyster. In an environment where technology creates all the difference in productivity levels, you need to be at the forefront of the game. Empower IT Solutions helps you connect with anyone, anywhere. Ask us about the business phone systems we recommend.