IT Projects

Providing the end-to-end solution

Hardware life cycle refresh, infrastructure design and implementation, IT office relocation or new site setup, whatever be your project requirements, Empower IT Solutions has the procurement experience and IT expertise to support your organisation with any of your IT project requirements.

With a goal to deliver the project with minimal disruptions, we provide a dedicated project manager to the necessary project. With such an option, the possibilities are endless as to how far you can take the technological advancement of your business with your one-stop technology partner.

Types of IT projects we offer

Hardware life cycle refresh
Upgrading servers, SAN, workstation, tablets and laptops will ensure your business is protected against external threats such as viruses, phishing scams and the latest forms of malware and ransomware. Contact the team at Empower IT Solutions to have the latest, fastest and powerful hardware technology.

Infrastructure design and implementation
Servers and networks are the heart of a business and any roadblocks or slowdowns could hamper business operations. Empower IT Solutions can help you plan and design your network and servers and implement the right type of technologies for improved productivity and efficiency. Our services include recommendation and implementation of new hardware and networking equipment.

IT office relocation
As your organisation matures and becomes more sophisticated, you need a consulting partner to migrate your workstations, servers, computer systems and IT infrastructure to efficiently support business operations. Whether it is a single server or several racks of workstation equipment, we have the necessary skills to efficiently disconnect, move and reconnect your hardware with minimal downtime.

How we deliver the IT projects

A smooth transition from A to B
The entirety of the project will be out of your way and heading in the right direction. Rest assured that there will always be an experienced and highly-skilled IT project manager to procure and monitor the entire project, ensuring a smooth transition.

Focus on your business
If you were to allocate staff to projects of a technological nature, without the necessary expertise, so many issues can arise when not done right. When you engage Empower IT Solutions, technology specialists will be focusing on the project, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Results in a timely manner
As an IT provider, we provide assistance in all your technological moves, changes and relocation, in the most efficient way possible. Attempting to manage a project from scratch without much experience, can be highly time-consuming. Our project managers are highly experienced and deliver on time, every time.

End-to-end project management
Our IT project managers place a strong focus on both the minor and major details of each project. We dedicate an entire team to your project to ensure that the SLA’s are met. We then assign an escalation process, so that in the case of a major issue, we have the relevant specialists ready to take on any challenge.