Save Your Business with Cloud Backups – An Empower IT EBook

Organisations of all sizes struggle with storing, protecting and managing large amounts of data. Technology is changing the shape of business. To keep up with the speed of changing technology; businesses need to extend the company data beyond a centralised location making it accessible to mobile workforce.

Backing up company data is no longer an option but a standard operational requirement for most businesses. Statistics indicate a whopping 90% of organisations file for bankruptcy within two years of a major data loss incident. Today even a few hours of downtime means lost revenue; thus business continuity is more critical than ever. Along with data backups, the ability to successfully and securely recover the company data is imperative. Using tapes and disks for backing up data is an easy and familiar option; however these are prone to infrastructural damage and are definitely not the best backup option available in the market.

The need to protect business data is pervasive and intensifying more than ever and businesses are seeking efficient ways to protect critical business information. The advent of cloud-based storage methods have provided organisation with new options to address the concerns regarding data storage, data security, data recovery and manageability costs.

Businesses need to plan for the future and stay vigilant. Cloud backups allows businesses to simplify and automate data backup processes. Stop worrying about hardware failure and embrace cloud for hassle-free scalable backup of company data.

“Save Your Business with Cloud Backups” is an Empower IT eBook that explores the data challenges faced by Australian businesses today and the benefits of moving data protection and disaster recovery initiatives to the cloud. This FREE eBook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Cloud Backups and the associated cost savings associated with switching to a cloud storage solution.

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