Infrastructure upgrade boosts Maincom’s business performance.

Business benefits

  • Installed new server with increased storage capacity
  • Successfully migrated company data from existing server


  • Increase the storage capacity of existing server
  • Migrate all data from existing server to new server

Maincom Profile

Maincom has grown to be a company that has become a preferred building insurance services provider across Australia and New Zealand. 


A company with such an expectation needs to ensure that all their infrastructure is in great condition. With increasing clientele; Maincom staff recognised that they couldn’t store any more data on the server which in turn starting having an adverse impact on the business performance.

For smooth and hassle-free business operations; Maincom’s management decided to install a new server with additional storage capacity and migrate all their data from to the new server. The company also wanted the server installation and data migration activities to be completed with minimal work disruption.


Maincom team approached Empower IT Solutions for server installation and data migration services. As their existing server was approaching capacity quickly this project called for immediate action. Empower IT Solutions immediately set to work of installing, configuring and activating a new server. This task was completed within just a couple of hours followed by migrating the data to the new server. The relevant data files were moved across in the quickest possible manner that ensured minimum downtime was experienced.


Within just a couple of hours; Maincom staff were seamlessly transitioned to a new environment. Apart from having an upgraded server with additional storage capacity to meet their increased needs; Maincom employees were able to use their workstations without experiencing any issues; while the data migration process was carried out.

With the new server Maincom can now store all client details on the server without worrying about space or performance issues.

If you too wish to upgrade your existing infrastructure contact the Empower IT Solutions team on 1300 797 888 

James Hickey


“The combination of having our data and systems monitored, backed up and having the team at Empower IT on call for support, has proven to us that IT is not the hassle we thought it to be if you have a competent team of experts. Our interactions with Empower IT have proven to be of utmost professionalism and I would highly recommend their services.”


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