Get a Quick Start with Microsoft CRM Online

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM has all the right ingredients to make a great technological asset for any business.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can handle high volume enquiries, manage business contacts, schedule communications in advance, automate work flows and processes, connect more frequently with people, gain business insights, and amongst other things, market and sell products more productively.

As a matter of fact: with all its features, a CRM system can just about benefit every department in your organisation. With this in mind, Empower IT believes that every business, big or small, should be able to reach those benefits, and we make it our mission to help you do so.

A CRM system however, can involve a large investment of both time and money. And not all businesses are the same. Their needs will be different. Their workplace culture will be different. Their levels of growth will be different. And their urgency/priority for implementing a CRM system will be different.

In some organisations: resistance to change may be high; user adoption may be affected by staff skill levels; existing work habits or procedures may be hard to stop; time constraints may exist and; different departments may become ready for CRM systems at different times.

This is why Empower IT offers quick start CRM packages. 

Fast track your CRM system today. Lessen the impact on your business activities. Increase staff commitment. Transition stakeholders to new technology at your own pace. Our Quick Start CRM packages can get you up and running in as little as 3 days!

The Empower IT Microsoft Dynamics CRM quick start packages are built using Microsoft CRM Online. Our in-house team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals can customise a quick-start package to your business needs.

For the right organisation, Microsoft CRM online enables rapid CRM implementation, for rapid CRM results, all in as little as 3 business days. 

Our quick-start Microsoft CRM Online packages can include:

  • A discovery workshop to highlight business issues/challenges/needs.
  • Setup and install of Microsoft CRM online.
  • Establishing user accounts and access permissions.
  • Basic configuration and customisation.
  • Limited migration and/or integration (e.g. with Outlook/Office 365)
  • Basic training using a train-the-trainer methodology
  • Assisted go-live processes (with limited support)
  • Optional extras available for purchase in future.

Our Quick-Start Microsoft CRM Online packages are suitable for organisations that may classify themselves as:

  • In a hurry to start using a CRM
  • First-time CRM users
  • Cautious/Strategic/Incremental CRM adopters
  • Transitioning to a fully customised CRM that will be used company-wide.
  • Looking for a good value, fixed price CRM system.

Note: The Empower IT quick-start CRM, using Microsoft CRM online, is designed to get organisations up and running quickly with predominately standard CRM functions. This means quick-start CRM may not be suitable for all organisations.  Our team of qualified CRM consultants can tell you if it will work for you.

For over 15 years, Empower IT has implemented CRM systems for many companies across Australia. If you are interested in adopting a CRM system quick-smart, contact us now.

Not long ago, we worked on a similar project for Fujitsu PC Australia. This is what Bert Noah, Country Manager-Fujitsu had to say:

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Managing Leads, Sales and Distribution has never been easier. Immediate implementation of our quick-start CRM produced immediate results. It’s amazing; despite a growing number of distributors & resellers, our sales process has become almost self-sustaining.

The CRM experts at Empower IT are also happy to discuss requirements for any on-premise (or in-house) Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations. We are capable of handling custom development projects and are available for consultation right now. Fill the form on the right or write to us directly on [email protected] and get up and running quickly with Microsoft CRM Online.