Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that is well adapted to the users’ needs which is one of the main reasons for companies to embrace Dynamics CRM. Some additional benefits of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM include:

Value for Money

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is regarded by many clients as one of the best value for money considering the factors that affect total cost of ownership such as licensing, training, deployment, maintenance and service.

Increased User Adoption due to Familiarity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users with powerful features within the familiar Outlook client that is estimated to have around 500 million users worldwide. This leads to;

  • Increased user adoption rate via integration with the familiarity of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Increased user efficiency and productivity by combining all user data within a single repository, easy-to-use reporting and better data analytics.
  • Decreased training costs and ensuring faster implementation and better usage.
  • Ability to work virtually from any device owing to the support for mobile devices and offline CRM access.

Flexible and Scalable

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is flexible and scalable towards your organizations changing business needs. This helps organization by being able to create / change any security parameter, workflows and forms to match the revised business requirement and enabling smooth transition from a lower version during upgrades.

Detailed Insight of Customers/Users

Companies will be able to convert the detailed analytics provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM into actionable information that can be used by key stakeholders to make informed decisions. This allows companies to minimize costs, improve staff productivity, offer better customer services, enhance marketing campaign performance, increase sales; etc., the list is almost endless on what organizations can do with the analytics provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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