Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Add-on

With the release of the spring wave of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, the technology giant has added additional functionality to Dynamics CRM. Especially aimed at assisting service technicians and professionals Microsoft has enhanced their project and field services offerings. In addition to project and field service modules Microsoft has introduced a portal integration add-on solution that allows users to build secure self-service portals and offers a rich content publishing platform.

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Portal Integration


Organisations wishing to integrate their CMS and CRM systems together can benefit from Microsoft’s Portal Integration Module. Microsoft acquired Adxstudio to provides their CRM customers with the power to build sophisticated and custom web applications. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used as a content management system with its own web portal with this add-on.

The Portal integration is introduced with the aim of extending the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to the web with powerful yet easy to build self-service industry-specific web portals. Microsoft-Adxstudio partnerships offers pre-built portals solutions for customer service communities, public sector, retail, and software vendors.

As a result with the Portal Integration module users get access to exciting features – like front-end editing, adding rich media and files, creating ads and polls, templating brand messages and managing the content life-cycle.

Also learn how Adxstudio Portals can help extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the web with powerful, easy-to-build, self-service portals for retail, government, vendors, partners, conferences, and much more.

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