Microsoft Dynamics CRM for different industries

Every industry operates differently and has different set of goals and objectives. However, every company wishes to stay competitive and shares one common goal – to increase efficiency and return on investment. To be able to operate effectively, companies need to streamline operational processes and leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. Check out how RTOs use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their industry specific goals.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for RTO


Download CRM for RTOs (PDF).

RTOs today face economic pressures and capital shortages. Training organisations are always on the lookout for ways to contain costs whilst preserving their existing programs, adding new courses and maintaining high-quality services.

RTOs need to support a growing number of students with fewer staff and decreased resources. To be able to do this efficiently; they need a solution that would automate their repetitive tasks and can provide instant access to the required information.

We help your business with:

  • configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM for FutureSkills/Smart and Skilled application,
  • dedicated portals,
  • build integration with in-house custom software,
  • simplify your admission and enrolment process,
  • increase ROI, and
  • stay compliant with industry regulations.

If you wish to use CRM out-of-box; or would like to have it tailored to meet your organisational goals, we can help. Get in touch with us: 1300 797 888

Further reading

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services Organisations


Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services

Professional services organisations (PSOs) operate quite differently compared to companies from other industries. In order to be successful and deliver the promised solutions and evaluate risks/opportunities; professional services firms must hire the right talent for the right projects.

Largely relying on service delivery; their business strategy revolves around exceeding client expectations and boosting their overall revenue. As a result an advanced solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM is vital for professional services organisations.

Likewise, if you would like to stand-out and deliver outstanding client experiences; contact the Empower IT team right away to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Service Module” can be tailored to suit your business objectives.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for NFPs


Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM for NFPs.

Especially charged with the task of addressing the country’s social problems; Non-for-Profits organisations are mostly not armed with the best type of technology or systems. Largely dependent on government funding, NFPs need to up their game if they wish to continue to receive grants.

Furthermore in NFPs, the process of managing stakeholder data is inconsistent and fragmented; with a major percentage of staff not having access to data they need to function effectively. As a result, they need a solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM that helps manage, collate and share all relevant information in a systematic way.

Interested in automating business processes, fostering rewarding relationships and reaping the benefits of the leading CRM solutions; then contact the Empower IT team to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you do more with less.

Empower IT has been a Microsoft Gold CRM Partner for over 10 years. Our team has developed customised and tailored CRM based solutions that suits individual client requirements. Our team of Microsoft certified CRM consultants along with our specialised solutions, add-ons and connectors help you get more out of your CRM investment.