SharePoint Implementation

Depending the size, structure and requirements of your organisation, we have three approaches to the licensing and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. You have the option of

  • Staying with traditional on-premises implementation
  • Moving completely to the cloud
  • Adopting a blend of the above two services (Hybrid model)

If you are concerned about your data being accessed by any unknown sources, then the option of having all your data stored locally in your servers would be best suited. Although the on-premise deployment option allows for greater security, customisation and business intelligence, it is not a good option if you want your solution to be scalable and/or offer remote access.

The cloud though less secure as compared to on-premises option offers better scalability, out-of-box integration facilities, better operational functionality and remote access. To get the best of security and scalability, the best approach adopted by most companies these days is the hybrid model wherein separate information domains are established to secure access to sensitive data while providing easy access to less sensitive information.

Irrespective of the implementation type, it is imperative for companies to have good data governance and information management policies to safeguard the data and the platform it is deployed in.

At Empower IT Solutions we offer a step-by-step methodology for your project. We are focused on customising SharePoint to suit your company structure and business objectives. When you employ Empower IT Solutions services, you receive a team of experienced SharePoint certified professionals ready to tackle your project.

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