SharePoint Migration

Microsoft SharePoint is a solution that helps manage and collaborate employees and teams within an organisation and productively get things done together. Some benefits of migrating to Microsoft SharePoint include:

Keep everyone on the same page – Share and organise all your resources amongst one another by going to your team site to get what you want.

Find the right people – Get in contact with the right people for the job by finding them via SharePoint and connect and collaborate in one single place.

Find what you need – Search for whatever it is you need at work, just as you would on the internet; only with SharePoint you will save more time.

Make informed decisions – Collect large amounts of data, and have the power to explore, visualise and present that data in amazing way.

Store, sync and share your content – SharePoint becomes the internal central hub for all your documents. Tweak your content on the go.

Stay on track and deliver on time – Assign, track and prioritise all your tasks. With a range of tools for all level projects, SharePoint caters for all.

Key features of SharePoint

1. Content management

With the Discovery Centre, eDiscovery capabilities and the seamless integration into Microsoft Exchange, content management has never been so easy. Some interesting features:

  • Site level retention policies: Compliance levels extended to site, policies include retention policy for sites and team Mailbox associated with site and project closure and expiration policy.
  • Discovery centre: Designed for managing discovery cases and holds and establish a portal through which users can access discovery cases to conduct searches, place content on hold or export content.
  • eDiscovery capabilities offer support for searching and exporting content from file shares or export discovered content from Exchange and SharePoint.
  • Team folders offers seamless integration of Exchange and SharePoint to provide the best of both worlds and end user flexibility.

2. Web content management

SharePoint 2016 integrates a range of online tools to help with designing, publishing and engaging of all your required content. SharePoint supports the tools and workflows designers use with functions that include:

  • variations and content translation,
  • search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • cross site publishing,
  • video and embedding,
  • image renditions,
  • clean URLs, and
  • metadata navigation.

3. Social

Social interaction and engagement has consumed the world. Check out what SharePoint 2016 has to offer for social enthusiasts.

  • Microblogging: Share content, links and media, follow people, sites, content, and conversations
  • Activity feeds provides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media, and people
  • Community sites with self-service administration and moderation and modern community features such as achievements and reputation
  • Modern discussion boards
  • Blogs functions include client application integration along with categories and comments

4. Mobile

As statistics regarding the amount of mobile devices that are being used on a day-to-day basis continuously grow, businesses need to consider the mobile platforms. Some mobile features offered by SharePoint include:

  • classic and contemporary views for mobile browsers,
  • automatic mobile browser redirection,
  • target different designs based on user agent string,
  • office mobile web Apps: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and
  • push notifications.

5. Search

Search is a critical element to any collaboration tool. The inability to find relevant data at the appropriate time can affect efficiency and productivity within the business. SharePoint 2016 has improved all aspects of their search to find and answer functions to ultimately generate a productive environment.  The new features include:

  • search architecture with one unified search,
  • personalised search results based on search history, and
  • rich contextual previews.

Whether you wish to migrate your data to SharePoint 2016 on-premise or SharePoint online with Office 365; our consultants are here to help. Talk to us about seamlessly migrating to Microsoft SharePoint. Call us for an obligation-free discussion on 1300 797 888.