SharePoint Online Migration

Our Microsoft SharePoint Online Migration services is designed to move businesses away from more traditional storage and file sharing solutions to a cloud-based platform designed to increase collaboration and productivity. Unlike standard Microsoft programs such as Word or PowerPoint and file servers, SharePoint has dozens of solutions that can be applied to various situations.Depending on your needs, you can use it to manage your resources, stay in sync with colleagues, and track projects. Other companies also use it for communications, security, and analytics purposes. Yet, this long list of benefits merely scratches the surface of the capabilities of SharePoint Online. Our team of SharePoint consultants are ready to help you upgrade to SharePoint Online and support your digital transformation.

Key features of SharePoint

SharePoint Online is first and foremost a powerful content management system that goes beyond basic file storage. It’s a central repository where people can organise data, share and collaborate on files, and keep private records safe. Its most notable features include:

Content management
  • Content organiser: Routes content to a location according to pre-specified rules.
  • Version control: Logs changes made to documents and SharePoint sites over time.
  • Managed metadata: Applies unique identifiers to files to make them easy to retrieve.
  • Access restrictions: Prevent specific groups from accessing certain types of content.
  • Retention policies: Automatically retain or delete sensitive records according to rules and regulations governing the company.
  • eDiscovery Centre: A place where authorised users can capture, store, and handle information that can be used for legal cases.

Encouraging collaboration and open discussion is vital to running a successful business. SharePoint Online facilitates this with a bevy of social features, such as:

  • Personal blogs: Ideal for sharing information with employees, partners, and customers.
  • Community sites: Virtual spaces where teams and stakeholders can discuss ideas.
  • Company feed: A hub that provides an aggregated view of updates regarding work-related content, people in the company, and other relevant news.
  • Wikis: Sites on which authorised users can collaboratively edit the content and link them to other wikis.

SharePoint Online helps users find the files they need in seconds. All they have to do is enter relevant keywords in a search bar, and the platform will do the rest. Simple search queries will prompt SharePoint to scour through every site and folder the user is authorised to access. However, it also improves the quality of searches with:

  • Analytics processing: Determines the accuracy of results based on tags (or metadata), the most popular results, and how often an item appears in search results.
  • Query suggestions: Provide phrases and results the user has already searched for.
  • Search refiners: Let users filter searches by file type, author, and date modified.
  • Search preview: Displays previews of documents and site content directly on the browser to save users time.

The widespread demand for remote work means companies must empower a mobile workforce with the right tools. SharePoint Online runs on the cloud, enabling users to manage files and team sites from any internet-connected device.

In fact, the application is outfitted with many features that make it easy to work on mobile devices. It sports a minimal, mobile-friendly user interface where everything is intuitively laid out. The “Find” tab, for example, gives users quick access to frequently visited sites, Office web apps like Word and Excel, and popular searches across their organisation.

Push notifications can also be enabled for company-wide updates or when changes have been made to an important document. What’s more, users can view employee profiles and find out what their colleagues are working on and who they’re working with.

How we can help

We can help your business migrate from other intranet solutions to SharePoint Online, such as:

  • Local fileserver
  • SharePoint on-premises
  • NAS file storage
  • Dropbox

If you are currently operating with a legacy version of SharePoint and want to migrate to SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365, fill out the form or call us on 1300 797 838 to speak to a certified SharePoint consultant.