Fujitsu PC Australia

Fujitsu successfully relocated office and network infrastructure whilst minimising staff downtime.

Business Benefits

  • Reutilised network components and maximised the lifespan of pre-existing hardware
  • Replaced weak/under-performing hardware with better-suited infrastructure
  • Implemented an advanced phone system that enabled staff to handle calls from anywhere


  • Identify reusable and upgradeable network components prior to relocation
  • Minimise staff downtime during office relocation
  • Set up a telecommunications system capable of handling high call volume

Fujitsu Profile

Fujitsu PC Australia is part of a multinational group of companies that manufacture and market PCs. With ties back to Japan, Fujitsu is a leading company that places a strong emphasis on product and service excellence.


Fujitsu PC Australia was moving office and was facing considerable downtime by switching off / disconnecting its IT and telecommunications systems during its office relocation. There were doubts about the available hardware (servers, computers, etc) – in terms of components that could be reused, disposed of, upgraded or replaced. The company’s existing telecommunication systems were observed to be inefficient and inflexible.


Fujitsu approached Empower IT Solutions for assistance in their office relocation. This project involved assessing the existing infrastructure, planning the move, packing up the hardware, and finally reinstalling the various IT components at the new site. In addition to disconnecting-moving and reconnecting their hardware infrastructure; the Empower IT Solutions team installed a smart business phone system to replace their clunky and inefficient telecommunication system.


Empower IT Solutions completed an equipment audit and identified the reusable and upgradeable components. New Switches, Routers and wireless access points were implemented as part of the relocated network infrastructure. The workstations were configured and connected to the new network. After configuring the internet, firewall and security services the Empower IT Solutions team also tested the connections to ensure faultless operations. Finally, a professional-grade phone system relying on Cisco handsets was installed along with VoIP communication gateways.

By engaging with Empower IT team, Fujitsu was able to :

  • Reutilise network components and maximise the lifespan of pre-existing hardware
  • Replace weak/under-performing hardware with better-suited infrastructure that delivers higher speed and more effective network connection
  • Provide company staff with an advanced phone system that is able to handle a large volume of incoming calls from anywhere, whether inside or outside.

Owing to the revised infrastructure and advanced communication system Fujitsu reportedly minimised staff downtime whilst experiencing overall increased productivity and efficiency.

If you are in the process of moving to a new location and worried about staff downtime or hardware setup, then contact the Empower IT Solutions team on 1300 797 888. We have handled many office relocations and know exactly what needs to be done.

Bert Noah


“Empower IT timed our project to perfection. Out from one office, into the next – fast, smooth and efficient. Business continued as expected without any problems.”


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