We all know Microsoft. As a Microsoft partner, Empower IT Solutions uses Microsoft products, training and services, to deliver a superior set of technologies to keep businesses ahead of the curve. When a business uses Microsoft products, they are ensuring that any updated Microsoft system utilised, with our support, will allow for business growth and continuity. As your business grows and expands, Microsoft provides a way for businesses to prosper without the downtime associated with high performing technologies. For more information about how we could help your business through Microsoft products, contact us.



Being around since 1984, Dell has provided some of the most powerful technologies we trust and use today. Empower IT Solutions have been working with Dell since inception and have built a close relationship by projecting what our customers need in hardware helping them plan for growth. Listen. Learn. Deliver. That's what Dell is about. By using a customer-centric approach to building their machines, the end user knows that they have contributed to a better technological world.



Cisco has two main focuses, crisis management and business continuity. Together they help maintain a state of readiness to bounce back, and provide continuous support for customers. By proactively assessing and mitigating potential disruptions through dynamic development business continuity has never been more possible. The range of Cisco products and services allow Empower IT Solutions to align their systems with the goals of all clients seamlessly. Such a partnership with Cisco enables Empower IT Solutions to support clients in a number of ways.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a solution that takes cloud to a whole new level. Cisco has bought Meraki as it specifically made for small – medium sized businesses. Cisco Meraki is a complete solution out of the box, with no extra hardware, software or complexity to it. With solutions catered to enterprise, higher educations, K-12 Education, Retail. Healthcare, Industrial/manufacturing, architecture, hospitality, tourism, Event venues and Government, Cisco Meraki spans a whole range of industries that require a level of security greater than other solutions on the market. The Meraki product claims to be 100% cloud managed for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.



As an ESET Partner, Empower IT can help by suggesting the right type of product for your business environment and seamlessly deploy the solution with minimal downtime. Enjoy safer technology, better security and control wherever you are and however you connect. Being able to explore the internet freely should be a right and not a hassle. Having a peace of mind in your online journey is what ESET products are all about. Being an all-in-one internet security solution for windows, ESET allows you to connect on your phone, tablet, desktop or any other device through public or private Wi-Fi and still maintain absolute security from any situation.

logo storagecraft


As a StorageCraft Partner; Empower IT has been providing the necessary tools to help Australian small and medium enterprises ensure their business stays open at all times. StorageCraft's ShadowProtect, ShadowControl and Recovery Solutions; provide the technology that help seamlessly backup and recover company data. With StorageCraft products organisations can backup and recover servers, virtual machines, desktops and workstations. Whether you're running a small office or managing a large IT department, you are sure to benefit from StorageCraft products. Contact Empower IT team to know more about which product is best suited to your business situation.


Untangle - Network Security

Empower IT Solutions assists small-medium businesses with Untangle products daily. Untangle has a set of network control products and solutions that assist businesses of all sizes with the complexities of technology. Untangle offers a Next Generation Firewall software along with the Next Generation Firewall Hardware. They also have a new product line called Internet Content Control which assists with gaining a handle on internet traffic control and avoiding bottlenecks.



Virtualisation is the name of the game with VMware. VMware assists businesses to simplify and automate their data centre with management, intelligent operations and built-in automation. VMware allows for the ability to enable provisioning in minutes and complete private cloud with automated management.



As the world of technology continues to expand, there comes with it a number of challenges that any business must learn to face. Businesses of all sizes across the globe must understand the power of operating 24/7/365. Businesses must understand that the competition is able to operate anywhere around the world, at any time. So in order to do so, businesses are looking towards higher ended backup systems. With Veeam, enterprises and small business alike can meet recovery time and point objectives of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data.


3CX Phone System

Boost your company’s sales, increase your employee’s productivity even further and provide better customer service than your competitors with the 3CX Phone System! The Pro edition includes all the award-winning features of the Standard 3CX Phone System edition but also adds fantastic advanced call features that are geared to stepping up your customer service and ensuring your company stays ahead of the competition. Click here to check 3CX prices today!