As a Barracuda partner, Empower IT Solutions provides customers with anti-spam protection to help prevent major types of phishing emails from reaching their inboxes. Email is the primary mode of communication channel and is also one of the most frequently exploited threat vectors. With 91% of hacks being initiated with a targeted email attack; email security is now a key requirement for organisations of all sizes.

Barracuda Essentials for email security provides comprehensive and scalable multi-layer security irrespective of whether your organisation uses on-premises email like Microsoft Exchange or a cloud-based suite like Office 365. It combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against email borne attacks.

Features of Barracuda Essentials for email security

Advanced threat protection

Barracuda’s advanced threat protection combines behavioural, heuristic and sandboxing technologies; to protect against zero-hour and targeted attacks. It automatically scans email attachments and detonates suspicious attachments in a sandbox environment to observe behaviour. The results are then integrated into the Barracuda real-time system providing protection to all other customers.

Anti-phishing and malware protection

Barracuda Essentials for email security combines anti-fraud intelligence and sender-spoofing protection technique with domain-name validation to detect and block phishing attempts. The Barracuda Email Security is 100% cloud-based offering dynamic, real-time threat analysis, attachment sandboxing and URL protection to prevent malware from reaching users.

Anti-spam protection

Barracuda Essentials for email security leverages the Barracuda Central (a 24×7 advanced security operations centre that works continuously to monitor and block latest internet threats); to identify emails from known spammers and determine whether the domains embedded in the email lead to known spam or malware domains. It also leverages the industry leading techniques found in the Barracuda Spam Firewall to protect against attempts to embed text inside images with the intent of hiding content from traditional spam filters.

Denial of service (DoS) attack prevention

Sometimes the objective of the malicious attack can be focused on disabling the company’s network of mitigating its effectiveness. The Barracuda Essentials for email security is positioned to monitor server activity and stop spammers before they succeed in overloading the email server.


By signing up to a managed services plan with Empower IT Solutions; organisations get anti-spam and anti-phishing protection offered by the subscription-based Barracuda Essentials for email security package. Some of the key benefits include:

Minimal IT overhead

With no hardware to purchase and install, the application deployment takes less than 30 minutes. Administration via an intuitive web interface is simple and straightforward.

Real-time threat protection

Barracuda Essentials for email security connect with their Barracuda Central real-time system that is updated with the latest malware. Access to Barracuda Central is also included in the subscription price.

Organisation-specific customisations

Barracuda Essentials for email security provides subscribers with a wide range of settings that can be customised to meet specific organisational requirements such as whitelisting email sources to bypass filters or modify the independent filter conditions to prevent sensitive data from being shared with unapproved sources.

End-user security training exercise integration

Organisations can train internal staff by integrating their security training exercises into the Barracuda Email Security technology. Owing to this users who end up clicking on a malicious link can be directed to a training page to take “security best practices” lessons; as well as identify what they did wrong and avoid repeating the same mistakes in future.

Contact Empower IT Solutions to speak to one of our security advisors about information on Barracuda Essentials for Email Security.