At Empower IT Solutions, we understand the importance of ensuring students can use the internet safely and responsibly. That’s why we utilise Australia’s most trusted student wellbeing and cybersafety technology, CyberHound on all our Managed Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD).

For nearly 20 years CyberHound has helped schools embrace technology. Hundreds of K12 schools use and trust their learning enablement and cybersafety tools to simply and flexibly optimise, secure and manage their internet services. Over the last 17 years, CyberHound’s main focus has been to be a benchmark in education by providing the most comprehensive learning enablement and cybersafety solutions for schools.  CyberHound software offers the following:

Live zone: Deliver an enhanced classroom internet experience with a single access point for valuable tools. UX teacher portal gives teaching staff access to real-time student analytics. This allows them to assess if each student is remaining on task during lessons.

Classroom control: Using the school’s Learning Management System (LMS) and allows teachers to:
• Open internet access to specific websites (normally blocked by school web filtering policies)
• Pre-schedule access and duration of the class ahead of time
• Enable the tool at the beginning of class, simply by clicking ‘start’
• Restrict the Classroom Control to students in a specific class
• Disable access to all websites and allow access to the websites you choose to allow

ClearView platform: Preconfigured and adjustable Sixth Sense Technology (SST) analyses and identifies online risks or patterns of behaviour. A summary of issues can be provided to school leaders via alerts and reports.

Web filtering: Real-time categorisation and coverage of 99.99% of the active web. The service uses a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance to maintain high accuracy, and is updated in real-time.

XGEN reporting: A reporting platform that quickly captures data. This allows teachers to:
• Access online intelligence easily and quickly
• Fast report delivery tailored to the staff who need it
• Clean and dynamic reporting interface that’s easy to use by non-technical people
• Highly customisable reports; one report can provide insight into multiple student groups

Roamsafe: Prevents student access to inappropriate material on the device whilst away from school. When students take a device home to complete an activity, school online policies remain enforced. Runs on all iOS 9 devices (in supervised mode) with no global proxy setting changes required.

Cyber security: A powerful (level 7) Firewall operates at the top level of the OSI network model and gives a complete view of a school’s internet activity. This allows for applications like Skype, Facebook, Messenger and Twitter to be accurately controlled. The technology utilises features like Application Controls, Zero-Touch BYOD On-boarding and Anonymiser Detection.

Caching services: Helps schools deliver richer content in class, providing complete flexibility to teachers and enhances learning outcomes for students. With the added benefit of enhancing internet performance, reducing data costs and delaying the need to upgrade existing links.

Empower IT Solutions understand the challenges educators face when their teaching is not supported by the right technology. That’s why we’ve worked with schools to deliver a Managed BYOD package that includes CyberHound technology and offers schools a technology fund of up to $25,000.

We preconfigure CyberHound software on all our Managed BYOD devices, ensuring that your school will always be protected. We have a BYOD solution that takes into account everything from network security, policies, NAPLAN requirements and student welfare.

To find out more, visit our Solutions For Schools page, or speak to our Education Solutions Manager to discuss your individual school requirements.

All information was sourced from: CyberHound