As an ESET Partner, Empower IT Solutions can help by suggesting the right type of product for your business environment and seamlessly deploy the solution with minimal downtime. Enjoy safer technology, better security and control wherever you are and however you connect. Being able to explore the internet freely should be a right and not a hassle.

Having a peace of mind in your online journey is what ESET products are all about. Being an all-in-one internet security solution for windows, ESET allows you to connect on your phone, tablet, desktop or any other device through public or private Wi-Fi and still maintain absolute security from any situation.

Features of ESET products

ESET – Smart security

All-in-one internet security. Share with your friends via social networks without a second thought. Wherever you go online, the ESET team is always on the lookout for fraudulent websites. The anti-theft feature allows you to be protected even in the case of your laptop going missing.

ESET NOD32 – Antivirus

NOD32 unmasks viruses and other malware that try to avoid traditional detection techniques. Allowing you to enjoy protection without slowdowns when web-browsing, social networking or gaming.

ESET – Mobile security

Explore the internet holistically with your smartphone or tablet. With features like anti-phishing, anti-theft, SMS and Call Filters, you can ensure that the ESET mobile security solution is a powerful all-round product, established to ensure constant security online.

ESET – Multi-device security

Keeping your computers, phones and tablets properly shielded from new malware can be a hassle. But with ESET’s Multi-Device Security Pack, all your devices are covered under one single license and security is consistently updated to keep all your devices protected.

ESET – Remote administrator

Deploy, manage and oversee your business network’s security with ESET’s new Remote Administrator. ESET ERA is an easy-to-use web-console for managing endpoint, server and mobile security. Businesses have the option of deploying the desired components all at once or as a Virtual Appliance.


Absolute control

Maintain control of all your devices, browsing, downloads, and any other interaction on your devices. By shielding your systems with strong proactive protection, you can maintain complete control and alter settings, without feeling like something might go wrong.

Safety across all platforms

No matter which devices you use, ESET understands what they require. By eliminating malicious code in real time, you receive round-the-clock protection.

Manage your security easily

No more hassle in keeping track of your licenses. All computer and mobile platforms sync in with one click when you choose to get fully protected with ESET’s multi-device solution.

Always the latest protection

ESET is consistently updating their various products to provide you with only the latest technological solutions. Feel at ease knowing that your antivirus and antispyware solution is ahead of the game, no matter the time, place or circumstance.