As a K2 partner, Empower IT Solutions is able to leverage their Microsoft technology-based application development skills to:

  • automate processes,
  • create workflows, and
  • build forms utilising data from a number of systems.

We have the power to integrate our own custom-built applications and technologies with the K2 platform in order to deliver the most comprehensive and innovate solution to our clients. Our Principle is that business applications must be proactive, productive and flexible, and we focus on helping our clients achieve their business goals efficiently.

The K2 software platform was built with the ultimate goal of connecting people, data and systems.  It offers complete visibility on each and every business process. K2’s applications can be setup to automate and manage operations including:

  • document approvals,
  • inventory tracking,
  • expense claiming,
  • onboard customers, and
  • assemble new business applications.

K2 integrates with a lot of external third party applications such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, VETtrak, CoSign, DocuSign, KnowledgeLake and more to drive businesses to maximise ROI.

Benefits of K2 software platform

K2’s software platform integrates with commonly used enterprise applications and benefits customers by:

  • Enabling them to leverage existing enterprise software investments
  • Leverage the skills of their IT and end users
  • Drastically reducing the time-to-market for products and applications
  • Making applications software scalable
  • Decreasing the application development and management costs
  • Minimising customer risk by ensuring industry and regulatory compliance

Owing to its simplicity coupled with advanced integration capabilities, K2 is transforming the way people use software applications.

If you would like integrate K2 software platform with your existing enterprise application, contact the Empower IT Solutions team.