As a Sophos Partner, Empower IT Solutions help organisations improve the security of their business environment by; suggesting the right type of product and deploying the solution with minimal downtime. Sophos bring a fresh perspective to the way businesses manage their firewall, monitor their network and respond to threats.

The threat landscape is growing at an exponential rate with organisations at increased risk of getting compromised. Sophos XG-series of firewall delivers advanced functionality that blocks web exploits, dangerous URLs, potentially unwanted apps, and malicious code from reaching the end-user. It delivers all the protection and insights needed for modern businesses to be safe and secure.

Features of Sophos XG-series firewall

Net-gen protection

Sophos firewall blocks malware infections by identifying common behaviours and techniques used in malware exploits and prevents them from reaching the users. This technology correlates threats indicators to combat dangerous URLs, web exploits, unwanted applications and malicious code from reaching your endpoints.

Synchronised security

Sophos firewall detects and isolates compromised devices until they are investigated and cleaned up. By automating threat discovery, investigation and response; Sophos has revolutionised threat detection and also greatly reduced incident response times. Compromised systems are automatically isolated until they are investigated and cleaned up. Additionally, the Dynamic App Identification function enables the firewall to query the endpoint to determine the source of unknown traffic on the network. Overall the Sophos firewall is built-in with the latest threat detection and response technology to ensure you and your data is protected at all times.

Patented layer-8 user-identity control

Sophos XG-series firewall is in-built with their patented layer-8 identity-based policy technology; which provides user-level visibility and control over thousands of applications with granular policy and traffic-shaping (QoS) options based on the category and risk of the application.

Pre-defined policy templates

Sophos security devices is loaded with pre-defined policy templates that lets users protect commonly used applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Administrators just need to provide some basic information and the templates automatically set the inbound and outbound firewall rules and security settings for safeguarding your applications.

Automated user-risk reports

The Sophos User Threat Quotient indicator provides actionable intelligence on user behaviour by; correlating each user’s surfing habits and activities with advanced threat triggers to identify risk-prone user behaviours.


Network and web server protection

Sophos combines next-gen intrusion prevention system with advanced threat protection and VPN technologies; to protect your corporate networks and provide your business with all the security required to stop sophisticated attacks from reaching your endpoints. Also, businesses can strengthen their web servers against hacking attempts with a full-featured web-application firewall; while providing secure access with reverse proxy authentication.

Web and sandstorm protection

Sophos’ patented layer-8 application control technology coupled with powerful user and group web policy offers; comprehensive web protection and web control to ensure your networked users are always secure. Additionally, Sophos sandbox technology provides your organisation with an extra layer of security against ransomware and other targeted phishing attacks.

Complete control

Sophos enables organisations to enforce their web, application, device and data policies with ease, owing to the seamless integration within the endpoint agent and management console. You can enforce category-based web filtering both on and off the corporate network. Application control can be applied by adding point-and-click blocking of applications by category and/or name; as well as adding managed access rules to mobile devices and all removable media. Finally custom data-loss prevention (DLP) rules can be added in addition to the pre-built rules to protect your data from being misused.

All Sophos XG firewall devices come equipped with the base firewall functionalities such as IPSec, SSL VPN and Wireless Protection. Businesses can also extend the protection by adding individual protection modules as per their requirements.

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