As an Untangle Partner, Empower IT Solutions assists small-medium businesses with Untangle products daily. Untangle has a set of network control products and solutions that assist businesses of all sizes with the complexities of technology. Untangle offers a Next Generation Firewall software along with the Next Generation Firewall Hardware. They also have a new product line called Internet Content Control which assists with gaining a handle on internet traffic control and avoiding bottlenecks.



Take absolute control of your networks from content filtering through to web caching, network security, remote access to policy enforcement and an all in one simple, drag and drop interface.


Untangle assists in the management of content filtering needs without the extra applications. Saving you time, money and allowing for a simple, usable interface.


The typical Firewall protects your network. The NG Firewall goes beyond the traditional firewall offering to provide you more protection right at the gateway, without the additional hardware to maintain. With the full complement of apps included in every package, addressing common threats seamlessly.


NG Firewalls advanced bandwidth management features set it apart from other firewalls and unifies your threat management solutions. Optimise your bandwidth usage to reduce excesses and keep expenses down.



Get powerful tools for complete control of your network with Untangle, stop viruses and hackers before they enter your network, filter out unwanted traffic, and optimise access to the cloud-based apps that are mission-critical to run your business.


Say goodbye to multiple appliances, logins and management interfaces. At Untangle, we’ve simplified everything with our multi-functional solutions and simple one-click interface.


With Untangle, you can sleep at night knowing your network is being constantly monitored and protected 24/7. No daily management needed on your part. It just works.


Not everyone has a cast of thousands in their IT department or the big budget to support one. We get it, and enjoy surprising our customers with powerful, affordable solutions that were once only accessible to big-budget companies.