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Kirana increases performance with private cloud solution.

Business Benefits

  • Staff and students access business applications regardless of their location via a well-managed centralised platform.
  • Servers are bound by a secure infrastructure backend that offers higher levels of performance.
  • Implemented a defined and controlled system of how and why the internet connections are being utilised.


  • Set up an innovative, safe and centralised business hub for students and staff to access company resources
  • Ensure servers maintain maximum uptime; whilst maintaining higher levels of performance levels
  • Deploy web filtering technologies; and control how /why internet connections at various locations were utilised

Kirana Profile

Kirana is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is growing rapidly throughout Australia; by opening new centres and attracting an increasing number of students into their education programs; so Kirana’s Management required an IT solution that will accommodate its rapid growth.

Empower IT Solutions implemented a solution that allows for scalability while also maintaining performance and user experience through a secure infrastructure backend. This was achieved through the Private Cloud Services offering which, allowed users throughout Australia to have a standard and seamless experience regardless of their geography.


The challenge that Kirana faced when executing their growth strategy was having an IT infrastructure setup that allows the rapid deployment of servers across a wide geography in order to support their users. The servers that were to be deployed would have critical business applications which required a high degree of uptime; whilst maintaining a high level of performance for user experience.


The infrastructure team at Empower IT Solutions thus migrated all the physical servers onto its consolidated virtual Private Cloud platform running from Australia’s best-known data centre. Empower IT Solutions also implemented the Next Generation Firewall solution from Untangle that allowed the business to control how and why its internet connections were utilised at various locations. This also allowed for web filtering technologies to be utilised to ensure that students were safe from viruses and illegal websites while enjoying the free WiFi at the various centres.


Kirana’s staff can now access their business applications from a centralised and well-managed platform anywhere in Australia at any time, thus eliminating the need for an on-premise server. 

Also, as Kirana continues to grow and open new offices, the IT requirements for operations have become simplified, with the centres only requiring a broadband internet connection for their users to start operating. Furthermore, Internet usage at all centres is now monitored and controlled to ensure that students and staff enjoy a safe and efficient experience whilst using the Internet.

By engaging with the Empower IT team, Kirana was able to:

Provide access to critical business applications via a centralised platform

Consolidate all their servers onto a virtual private cloud platform for maximum uptime and performance

Define and control how staff and students access their corporate internet connections

Implement the latest firewall and web filtering technologies that block viruses and malware and restrict students from accessing unwanted websites.

Kirana is a national organisation that improves people’s lives through world-class education and training. Kirana equips its students with up-to-date industry knowledge while helping them find workforce opportunities. Its education programs offer nationally recognised Certificates and Diplomas in many fields and have a track record of delivering a high standard and quality education throughout the various campuses in Australia. With the private cloud solution, Kirana’s staff has access to critical business applications regardless of where they are located, increasing their performance and efficiency.

For more information about our private cloud services; contact the Empower IT team right away on 1300 797 888.

Yazdan Rana


“The team at Empower IT have been extremely helpful on a number of levels. The team is friendly and trustworthy which is something we believe is a necessity but is scarcely available.”


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