The Empower IT Professional Development System is a tailor-made, simple-to-use web solution that can be customised to load your company’s learning and development programs. This solution provides human resources with the capability to: set staff development goals, learning review dates, track and log performance, as well as, store associated documents and certifications.

The solution is built using Microsoft SharePoint and is well integrated with Microsoft Exchange; enabling companies to access staff calendars, book training sessions, configure periodic email reminders and generate staff professional development reports.

Who needs a Professional Development System?

If you operate within an industry where the: required knowledge, skillset, or best practice standards are regularly evolving, or need to be renewed periodically, then you know the importance of continued professional development. If you operate in an industry where you need to train up staff in order to obtain, hold or maintain an elevated status – granted to you by associations, authorities, or other governing bodies – then you must have a professional development system that records and realises all your staff training activities.

By incorporating a professional development program; organisations not only encourage a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which in turn demonstrates their commitment towards developing and retaining talent; but also ensure compliance with any range of special requirements or obligations that can help give them a competitive edge or simply make them better at what they do.

Without a proper system in place, the: scheduling, completion, and reporting for each individual staff members’ professional development can become very cumbersome, potentially resulting in failures where special statuses, licenses, accreditations, or titles are lost or stripped.

Professional Development Systems are hence a must-have for organisations that need to comply with specific (voluntary or involuntary) professional development requirements. These systems are capable of covering every department of your organisation, including: operations, finance, marketing, communications and, administration. Education, health, finance and engineering industries may be particularly well served by this software, given the qualifications or accreditation required for: teachers, doctors, nurses, chartered accountants and chartered engineers.

Software Capabilities: The Empower IT Professional Development System

Empower IT Professional Development software has a number of features and capabilities that can organise, simplify and automate aspects of an organisations staff development program:

Learning Plan Pathway Mapping our solution allows supervisors, managers, human resource professionals and individual employees to create learning plans and to generate a training framework with deadlines for review and evaluation.

Staff Professional Development and Progression Tracking System allows supervisors / managers to review the learning objectives of staff and track actions versus outcomes.

Detailed Reporting: The Empower IT Professional Development System allows managers to generate reports on overall learning and development activity, including details about employee participation, progress and the overall existing professional development progress.

System Scalability: As a web-based system, using the Microsoft SharePoint platform, the Empower IT professional development application can be expanded or extended to meet the demands of your organisation and is capable of absorbing multiple learning and development programs.

Business Benefits: Continuing Professional Development Software

An effective Professional Development System can provide many benefits to your organisation. It helps businesses to:

Demonstrate Compliance – by keeping track of the developmental activities undertaken for each staff member and maintaining a record of professional compliance, this software can help you provide the evidence required by relevant governing bodies or authorities that provide certification, accreditation or other forms of elevated status.

Reduce the costs of administering traditional professional development systems – via an easy to use web-based system costs are slashed as you move away from time and human resource intensive paper-based models.

Create a Competitive Edge and build better business Partnerships –By demonstrating staff training and development, software can assist in obtaining and maintaining business partnerships or accreditation that can make your organisation stand out from the rest of the pack. In some instances, the loss of particular accreditations, or a drop in ranking in tiered partnerships can otherwise equate in the loss of customers.

Retain Skilled Talent – by investing in employee professional growth, supporting their learning objectives, and assisting in the planning of their career progression, organisations can gain the trust and loyalty of staff. Reduced employee turnover can hence be an additional benefit that reduce costs, increases stability and creates smoother day to day operations.

Overall, with the help of this system, companies can improve the HR department’s efficiency in managing and handling staff development and progression pathways. An automated and centralised platform for L&D programs: increases transparency across all departments and divisions of the organisation, offers easy accessibility to all appropriate reports and documentation, and helps safeguard employee data against unauthorised use. The information then extracted from the system is not only useful in terms of accreditation, certification and compliance, but may also be used internally for other activities such as staff performance reviews.

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