Free Migration to Office 365

Terms and conditions:
  1. Free migration to Office 365 will be offered to all ‘new’ clients that sign up to a 36 month Managed IT Services plan.
  2. To qualify for a managed IT services agreement with Empower IT Solutions, organisations must have and maintain:
    • 10 to 200 – PC users or IT devices
    • At least 1 server and/or a system for an interconnected network, and,
    • An IT budget exceeding $1000 per month.
  3. Free migration to Office 365 does not include any consultation or customisation services.
  4. In offering Free migration to Office 365, Empower IT Solutions relies on new clients having or purchasing their own subscriptions to Office 365 (Empower IT Solutions bears no responsibility for any associated subscription/licensing costs, system requirements, setup or transfer implications).
  5. Free migration to Office 365 will only apply to organisations that store their data or emails at one central server location.
    IT infrastructure or IT systems that rely on downloads to a local machine or storage area, e.g. POP email (or similar), are not covered by this Free migration offer. Any migrations from personal computers or devices will hence incur fees and charges.
  6. Free migration to Office 365 applies only to data collected or stored after the adoption of Microsoft Office 2010. Data collected/stored prior to 2010 may require special attention and is excluded from this offer.
  7. Empower IT Solutions will consider free migrations to Office 365 to be complete or provided in full when one of the following occurs (whichever comes first):
    • A maximum of 50 email inboxes have been migrated
    • A maximum of 2Tb of data has been migrated?
    • The value of labour/services performed meets or exceeds the billable monthly rate of the Managed IT Services plan the client has committed to for 24 months.
  8. One (1) free migration to Office 365, for one (1) company or group of companies will be provided per managed IT Services Plan.
  9. Free Migrations to Office 365 must be redeemed within the first 6 months of sign up.
  10. In the event of an early agreement cancellation, or termination, Empower IT Solutions reserves the right to back-charge for any migrations completed under this offer.
  11. Note: the value of all migrations to Office 365 are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for: cash, any other currency, goods, or services.
  12. Free migrations to Office 365 are not redeemable in conjunction with any other Empower IT Solutions offer.
  13. At its sole discretion, Empower IT Solutions reserves the right to end or make changes to this offer at any time.