The IT Request Form solution for SharePoint is developed for businesses; interested in optimising their IT request management process and gain better visibility into the status of the IT request. With the help of the IT Request Form Solution; companies are able to have a clearly defined process for auditing purposes as well as stay compliant with the corporate standards.

With SharePoint as base, the solution can easily be tailored and configured to meet individual company objectives. The IT Request form solution is a web-based platform for easy interaction between company staff and IT administrators offering better visibility into the requests made, approvals provided and actions taken.
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Most medium to large enterprises do not have a defined process for requesting IT products and services within the company. As a result, the IT requests such as laptops/desktops for new staff, porting phone systems, creating user accounts, sourcing software licenses, setting up workstations and/or modifying file-server access are usually handled via emails or paper requests.

Businesses that think email/paper IT requests serve the purpose and wish to follow the same process; often overlook the fact that these processes lack visibility into the requests; and may also lead to requests not being actioned effectively; thereby causing unwanted delays. Also, paper/email based request management lead to compliance slip-ups and auditing headaches with the issues escalating as the business grows.

Developed specifically for medium to large enterprises, the IT Request Form solution helps SharePoint users prioritise the IT requests in addition to helping management make effective data-driven budgeting decisions. So, if you are a medium to large enterprise looking for a streamlined IT request management process; then our IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint is perfect for your business.

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Before looking at the features offered by the solution a look at some everyday instances where the IT Request Form Solution can be a useful tool for businesses.

On-board New Staff – Employee on-boarding does not start on the day the employee joins an organisation but starts on the day the job offer is accepted. Companies need to set up workstations, phone systems, email and office accounts, procure software licenses based on the employee’s role in the company and ensure everything is up and working before the employee is due to join.

With the help of an IT Request Form Solution; managers can let the IT department know about the new staff joining date, details of the hardware and software items that is required and the date by which the request has to be completed. The request can be tracked within SharePoint; offering the requestor complete visibility into the status without having to constantly contact IT administrators. Additionally, the solution can be tailored to include specific workflows and approvals as per individual company standards.

Request New Hardware and/or Software – An employee’s request for a new hardware such as laptop, tablet or mobile device or software licenses such as CRM, Photoshop or ERP systems; needs to be accompanied by a manager approval. Tracking these request via emails and/or paper forms is extremely tedious and time consuming. With the help of the IT Request Form Solution; the IT teams can easily track if the request has been approved prior to allotting the requested hardware device or software license.

Request File/Application Access – File access restrictions are set by companies to safeguard critical data and infrastructure. As a result, a request for accessing a particular file server needs to be accompanied by manager approvals which can be cumbersome to manage solely via emails. The IT Request Form solution comes with configurable access and approval workflows making it easier for the IT administrators to action these types of requests.

Revoke Access to Exiting Employees – Similar to on-boarding; there is a checklist of tasks for the IT department when an employee exits the organisation. Their software licenses need to be freed, workstations and phone systems need to be changed and access to data needs to be revoked. These vital tasks need to be action with urgency to protect company data. The IT Request Form solution allows managers to track requests and ensure these requests are actioned on a priority basis.

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Businesses need to thoroughly review their objectives before evaluating a new software. The IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint developed by Empower IT; is aimed at companies who wish to have a structured IT request management process; whilst reducing on operational expenses. Some of the key features provided by our solution include:

Centralised repository – Our solution offers an online system for submitting and actioning IT requests. As a result, all the details are managed in one centralised location; making it easier to track and/or locate any particular request and check its status.

Workflow mappings – The IT Request Form solution for SharePoint facilitates configuration of automatic processing and approval workflows within the system for seamless transitioning of the request from one team/member to the other.

Automated notifications – Built entirely for SharePoint users,;the solution provides the capability of configuring automatic email notifications to be sent to users once their IT request is submitted, approved/declined and the course of action that is being taken at all times.

Paperless environment – By implementing the IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint; organisations no longer need to worry about maintaining paper requests thereby eliminating the associated admin overheads.

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The IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint is instrumental in easing the management and auditing of IT requests; whilst enabling businesses to transition towards a paperless environment. Some of the key benefits of implementing the IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint are:

Ensuring Corporate Compliance – Approval workflows and systematic IT request management ensure the company regulations are met at all times. With all the data available in a centralised portal, monitoring corporate standards compliance is an easy and stress-free process.

Increased Visibility into IT Requests – All the staff IT requests are reviewed on regular basis. The IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint maintain a track of action taken for each request helping IT administrators justify action taken. Furthermore, the management has access to the data at all times.

Reduces costs due to request duplications – Paper-based request can be lost, skipped or actioned twice. Imagine erroneously allotting a new staff 2 workstations or ordering two surface pro tablets for the same employee. Fixing these issues cost businesses effort and money. With the IT Request Form solution for SharePoint; companies are able to eliminate these issues.

Enhanced Reporting and Budgeting – With SharePoint as base; the IT Request Form solution delivers a wide range of operational data required to make effective business decisions and dedicate proper budget for future IT needs.

The IT Request Form solution delivers a wide range of benefits to the entire organisation; including reducing repeat order costs, decreasing rework for IT administrators, easy tracking of requests and maintaining corporate standards; in addition to providing management with the visibility of where and how the IT budget is being spent.


Finally, if you would like to know more about the IT Request Form solution for SharePoint; contact the Empower IT team right away for a confidential discussion. Call on 1300 797 888, or email [email protected] (Ref: IT Request Form)


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