Business Continuity Plan (BCP) template

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a tool used by businesses to outline strategies to keep a business operational before, during and after a crisis. Your plan will account for emergencies such as extreme weather events, fires and floods to building evacuations and power outages. The BCP plan should identify high business impact operational areas, assets, and recovery strategies with assigned personnel.

Each crisis requires a different business continuity strategy, but the most crucial aspect of keeping a business operational hinges on the effectiveness of data backups. As a cloud provider, we go to great lengths to guarantee your data’s survival no matter the incident. Data backups are crucial to business continuity that we recommend you test them and your recovery procedures as often as possible. Because if your backup protocols fail on the day, you need them, your business might never recover.

The BCP document covers:

  • fires and floods,
  • power outages,
  • data breaches,
  • business impact analysis
  • incident response checklist,
  • evacuation procedures,
  • emergency kit,
  • recovery plan,
  • incident recovery checklist,
  • insurance claims,
  • market assessment, and
  • training and review schedule.

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