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Whether it be a crashed server, an office relocation, or acquiring a 50 million dollar company, each of these situations has an IT solution requirement. Empower IT has the procurement experience and IT expertise to support your organisation with any of your IT project requirements.

Server Upgrade

Servers and workstations are the heart of a business and any roadblocks or slowdowns could hamper business operations. Modern day businesses need to handle massive amounts of data and powerful servers and workstations help you achieve the speed and efficiency. To stay ahead of your competition and get an edge in the marketplace, it is imperative for your organisation to have the latest, fastest and powerful server technology.

Servers can crash or die and often times it is better to regularly upgrade your servers as the business grows rather than wait until the server dies to replace the technology. Upgrading servers will ensure your business is protected against external threats such as viruses, phishing scams and the latest forms of malwares and ransomware. If you are a small to medium business and think you can achieve improved productivity with an upgraded server, contact us immediately for a quick quote.

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Why Choose Empower IT?

Empower IT assigns a project manager to the necessary project who has access to a number of specialists.

With such an option, the possibilities are endless as to how far you can take the technological advancement of your business with your one-stop technology partner.

Office Relocation/New Site Setup

As your organisation matures and becomes more sophisticated, you need a consulting partner to migrate your workstations, servers, computer systems and IT infrastructure to efficiently support business operations. Whether it is a single server or several racks of workstation equipment, our team has the necessary skills to efficiently de-rack, move and re-rack your hardware.

To enure your business is up and running as fast as possible, we audit your existing IT infrastructure; efficiently disconnect, move and reconnect your hardware. We can relocate your equipment or set up your new site with minimum downtime.

Whether you want to relocate to a new location or wish to expand and set up a new office, contact the team at Empower IT and experience the benefit of our personalised relocation services. If you are a small to medium business interested in moving offices with minimum downtime, contact us immediately for a quick quote.

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A Limited Offer

Empower IT is offering a thorough IT Infrastructure Audit with phone consultation and score card valued at $1500 for FREE!!!


For a limited time, and for 3 businesses ONLY we are offering:

Project Manager

We allocate a highly-skilled IT project manager to procure and monitor the entire project that is related to our team. With the required partner networks, our IT project managers are able to facilitate your project the according to your requirements.

Access to Technological Specialists

Our staff know the “ins and outs” of every aspect of technology. From level 1 engineers to business intelligence, we can provide you access to someone who understands the various levels of technological possibilities and in turn means reduced costs, greater efficiency and time-saving.

Access to Software Specialists

We have Microsoft specialists in-house with a main focus on the customisation and alterations of Microsoft software. Many or our current clients seek the expertise of our software specialists for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Exchange and more.

End-to-end Management of your Projects

Our IT project managers place a strong focus on both the minor and major details of each project. We dedicate an entire team to your project to ensure that the SLA’s are met. We then assign an escalation process, so that in the case of a major issue, we have the relevant specialists ready to take on any challenge.

Call us today on 1300 797 838 or click below to receive our security offer!


Empower IT Solutions have been assisting businesses proactively protect themselves against IT attacks since 2004. If you are currently seeking protection against nasty viruses and other business-shattering IT attacks like the Cryptolocker virus, then here’s what we’re doing…

We’re ramping up our security offering to include a comprehensive security package that protects your business’s information data on all levels.


“The team at Empower IT have been extremely helpful on a number of levels. The team is friendly and trustworthy which is something we believed a scarce necessity.”– Kirana

“Empower IT has been a fantastic IT support for our Business. Innovative with their ideas & approach, Honourable & Reliable with deadlines and cost, very Informative and have given us great IT direction.”– PLC Solutions

“The combination of having our data and systems monitored, backed up and having the team at Empower IT on call for support, has proven to us that IT is not the hassle we thought it to be if you have a competent team of experts. Our interactions with Empower IT have proven to be of utmost professionalism and I would highly recommend their services.”

– Maincom

Who is at risk?

A study reports that 100% of 30 Australian companies that were surveyed experienced Viruses, Worms and Trojans in 2014. Those 30 companies also all experienced some sort of Malware in 2014 and 77% of them experienced web-based attacks.

With Cyber Attacks becoming rampant, businesses need to be proactive and take preventative action against the most vehement virus of them all, the Cryptolocker Virus.