Choose Cloud for Confidence & Convenience!

The Cloud is one of those intangible things. It’s a place you may never see nor truly understand. It’s a place you can only reach through the internet. A place where large amounts of hardware are operated. A place where: applications are installed and utilised; business data is kept both safe and accessible; and IT services combine with best of breed cloud technologies to simplify IT infrastructure, lower IT maintenance requirements; increase IT system reliability; and add mobility to your workforce.

And every cloud does indeed have a silver lining! Cloud computing allows organisations to convert large upfront capital costs into small manageable operating costs. It enables convenient, on-demand network access to a broad pool of shared resources. It shortens IT purchasing and IT upgrade cycles; increases scalability; allows almost instantaneous change; promotes innovation; frees-up physical space; and creates a degree of inter-connectedness that enables anytime, anywhere operations.

Through Cloud Services or Cloud Solutions, organisations can open the door to an unlimited range of work opportunities. To understand what opportunities are available to you, contact Empower IT Solutions today. We specialise in making cloudy concepts, crystal clear, and give clients the confidence to improve their business.

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Private Cloud

Connect Control & Secure with Private Cloud

You don’t have to be a Nephologist (i.e. a person who studies clouds) to know that not all clouds are the same.

Some clouds are light and fluffy, the kind that decorate the sky on a nice sunny day, or that conceal tiny rain droplets that help things grow or thrive.

Some clouds are grey and heavy, the kind that you see when storms are approaching, or that warn of impending catastrophe in the absence of consideration and care.

Cloud computing can be the same. The type of cloud solution you select for your organisation will have an impact on your business. That impact may be good or bad, immediate or delayed, expected or unexpected, but certain nonetheless.

In the battle between public versus private cloud, shared versus dedicated cloud, it is important to understand the features, benefits, risks, consequences and overall business suitability before you make your decision.

The Cloud specialists at Empower IT Solutions can help you navigate through an assembly of options, determine whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for private cloud, and put you on a previously trodden track to success.

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Cloud Migration

Modernise & Mobilise. Protect & Proliferate.
Keep your options open!

Over 53% of Australians own three or more ‘mobile’ electronic devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops. With sales for such devices increasingly outstripping desktop computer sales, the growing availability and reach of 3G/4G Internet, and a cultural emphasis on: connected devices, multi-tasking and the emergence of enterprise mobility, is it any wonder why people are moving to the cloud?

These days, more and more, hardware devices sync to the cloud, software applications run in the cloud, business data is stored in the cloud, and organisations are moving entire systems into the cloud. Don’t fall behind. If you are interested in learning how cloud migration can modernise the way you conduct business, make you more efficient or productive, reduce the amount of work duplicated by field staff, increase flexibility for your employees, or enhance the accessibility, integrity and safety of your data, then give Empower IT Solutions a call.

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Cloud Backup

Automatic. Safe and Sound. Set and Forget. Cloud Backups.

Modern businesses generate and process larger volumes of data than they have ever before, so, it is only natural that businesses would want to protect or safeguard their information. Yet despite the fairly obvious consequences of data loss and business disruption, it is always surprising to note how many Australian organisations still delay decisions about data backup solutions or feel uneasy about their existing data backup systems and recovery plans.

The worst part is: businesses know that disruptions can be deadly! They know that hardware can fail. They know that computers, servers and other IT equipment can be lost, stolen or destroyed. They know that traditional backup methods such as tape-drives and backup disks can be complicated, labour-intensive and susceptible to human error. And they know that the time invested in collecting information is often invaluable and irreplaceable. Thankfully there is a readily available solution.

Cloud Backups can automate and simplify the data backup process. With Cloud Backups it’s as simple as set and forget. And the idea that a copy of your data will readily be available in the Cloud if or when you need it, is more than reassuring, it’s future-proofing. So stop procrastinating. Stop worrying about the ifs and buts. Remove data backups off tomorrows to-do list, and start doing it today!

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Software in Cloud

Software Simplified & Streamlined for Business Success

System, Software and licensing requirements can often be a serious cause for pause.

Its not uncommon to come across a software solution that can address particular problems your organisation is facing. Or software that can simplify your work, make your organisation more productive, increase the reliability of your product delivery processes, and contribute to the growth or expansion of your business.

Common however are the stumbling blocks pushed in front of you by vendors via software restrictions, requirements, or specifications. Sometimes adopting the right software solution may take too long. Setup might be complicated and costly. Skilled staff and training may be necessary. Ongoing maintenance or support may be worrisome. And quick, simple, additions, upgrades or provisions may be impossible.

Software in the Cloud, or Software as a Service (Saas) can help businesses bypass some of these stumbling blocks. Cloud Software has proven effective for many day to day business activities, including Sales, Marketing and general team collaboration functions. Ask the cloud experts at Empower IT Solutions about our software in the cloud CRM, Office365 and sharepoint solutions today.

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