Software Capabilities & Compatibilities

Manages Government and Large Ongoing Maintenance Service Contracts

LogicJMS was built to help carpenters, electricians, gardeners, plumbers and other tradespeople, perform maintenance and repair works for small to large government clients, including: The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), Department of Defense Housing (DHA) and Sydney Water. The system is designed to accept workorders, emails and other instructions directly from governement departments or their head maintenance contractors such as: Transfield (now Broadspectrum), Spotless, Lakes Maintenance & Programmed Maintenance Services.

Communicates with Popular Accounting Packages

An end-to-end job management system would not be complete if it did not integrate with the accounting packages and practices that a company employs. LogicJMS can integrate with many accounting systems including MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero (to name a few). The bridge between accounting and job management software enables maintenance companies to keep track of job expenses, job completions, and invoicing. LogicJMS even automates invoice calculations against fixed rates and cost centres. It also supports recipient created tax invoices (RCTIs) - common with large contracts.

Stores Business and Client Data in a Central Location

For ease of accessibility and managerial reporting, our job management software stores all business and client data in one central location. Details of: when a workorder came in, when a job was started, who worked on the job, expenses incurred, materials used, before and after photos, and invoices generated; are logged and traceable against job cards and reports. The system can store different file types and formats; enables quick and easy searchability; and has dashboards that can give both detailed and big picture insights into jobs - both on an individual and collective level.