Features & Characteristics of Empower IT CRM Services

CRM Planning & Prioritisation

The success or failure of your CRM is determined by the degree of pre-planning. Anyone can sign up to an online CRM package, but not many can develop and deploy an effective strategy. Empower IT takes the time to understand your business operations and objectives. We get to know the various stakeholders in a business, their daily challenges, overall objectives and the likely software customisations required before embarking on a CRM journey.

Implementation & Migration

Planning and prioritisation allows Empower IT to map out a steady course for CRM implementation that prioritises solutions, which address key challenges identified by our clients. Part of the implementation process involves analysis and definition of business data. The team considers data location, data size, quality and type. Integration and migration implications are outlined, organised and completed in a manner whereby CRM implementations proceed with minimal business disruption.

Built-in Training

As technology consultants and CRM experts that understand the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we consider it our mission to educate our clients about CRM and to promote user adoption or acceptance. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a familiar look and feel that makes navigation fairly simple or intuitive, we happily provide training sessions that are designed to lower the learning curve and enable more immediate, practical- application of CRM features.


Empower IT strongly believes in the provision of end-to-end solutions. After we have: planned, implemented and configured your CRM; trained your staff; and got you going; our support team can remain on-standby for further assistance. As your total technology partners, we will endeavour to complete post-service reviews in order to ensure our clients are happy and do not feel abandoned. Any CRM alterations, additional functionality adjustments or upgrade services can be made available upon request.