We start with planning. By taking a look at what which email systems and programs you are currently using, how you are using them, how often they’re used and all the integrations associated, we can note down the fastest, most efficient method of migrating your emails, calendars, and appointments.


This is a seamless process. In a couple of hours, our engineers will have your emails, calendars and entire experience shifted over into the cloud-based solution without the IT hassles. With a professional attitude and strong work ethic, our engineers will get your systems up and going in no time.


The subscription-based Office 365 is extremely similar to the original layout of the Office applications and Microsoft Outlook. But we also understand that there are components that are different online. So we sit with your organisation and give you a run-down on how Office 365 is to be used in the organisation, with some tips and tricks to improve productivity!


We know, that after a new type of technology is installed, there are new features that we simply aren’t used to. This generally leads to confusion, discomfort and a really bad experience. So after we have planned, implemented and trained your staff, our support team are on-standby and ready to assist your staff with any matter that involves the new migration from the moment you begin using it. How’s that for service?!


Businesses are operating in an era where every application is integrating with almost everything else. Our engineers are qualified to support businesses in adopting Microsoft Office 365 to its full capacity. This includes integrating your mail, notifications, files, contacts, user photo, videos, and others with varying other Microsoft platforms that you use on a day-to-day basis.