Private Cloud Solutions are Ideal for Organisations that:

Have Market Sensitive, Highly Private, Secret and/or Confidential Business Data

Naturally if you have information that has: significant commercial value, contributes to a competitive advantage, is potentially damaging or dangerous in the wrong hands; then the control, dedication, privacy and security of Private Cloud must be considered. With Private Cloud it is less likely that the mistakes of, or malicious activities targeting, other companies could impact on you (like they might with Public Cloud).

Heavily Rely On Stored Data or Require Constant Recall of Data in Providing Services

If you could not possibly operate without your IT systems, i.e. you don't have a pen and paper fallback option, your business is characterised by constantly moving pieces, or you employ a mobile workforce that needs to access a centralised database without fail, then Private Cloud may be necessary so that your business can keep moving in the event of hardware or infrastructure failures. Ask us about High Availability and what it would mean for you.

Are Invested in Legacy Software Systems Vital for Day-to-Day Business Operations

An upgrade or replacement of one IT system component need not necessitate the replacement of another. If you have spent a lot of time and money developing or customising IT systems that simplify, optimise and support your unique business processes and procedures, then you probably want to make sure these systems can continue to run in your new cloud environment. Private Cloud more readily allows you to take the necessary actions to keep your legacy systems running.

Need to Combine Managed IT Services with Safe & Secure Cloud Solutions

A Managed Private Cloud Solution can take IT outsourcing to its limits. Through Private Cloud, organisations can just about achieve company-wide virtualisation. And with Empower IT Solutions managing your servers, networks, PCs and other IT infrastructure, you will never have to worry about system patches, upgrades, monitoring, or user-based additions and reductions again.

Otherwise Require Separate, Secure, Flexible & Reliable Access to IT Assets

There are any number of situations or reasons when and why a Private Cloud Environment would be required, if in doubt - but definitely would like an isolated, safe and flexible solution that you can control or govern - then talk to Empower IT Solutions today and ask us about our Managed Private Cloud Services.