Our Cloud Software Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

If you place any emphasis on your Sales, Marketing or Customer Service functions, then you can rely on Empower IT Solutions to help you with an online CRM system that can manage your inquiries, leads or opportunities, and improve your overall sales.

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Office365 & Sharepoint

If you value team work, data centralisation and information sharing, then Empower IT Solutions may be able to assist with you with Office365 and Sharepoint. Such services may involve combining Microsoft Office, Emails and Sharepoint elements related to file sharing and collaboration in order streamline data access, storage and utilisation.

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Custom CRM/Sharepoint Add-ons

If you already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, Office365 and Sharepoint, but need to add non-standard functionality to address the needs of particular departments or business units, Empower IT Solutions can plan and produce custom modules or software connectors. Ask us how you can automate or reduce duplication of repetitive tasks, how you can add real-time, self serve or on-demand qualities to business systems already operating in the cloud.