IT Audit Methodology

Compute Capacity and Scalability

As the first phase of our IT audit, Empower IT will access and compute the capacity of your existing infrastructure such as Active Directory, Exchange database, Storage servers. Our certified technician will also check for the infrastructure scalability based on business goals.

Network Reliability

The next phase of the audit includes testing the reliability and performance of your existing network. Any past critical network issues are analysed. Your company's hardware is checked for industry best practices and compliance.

Business Continuity Readiness

In this phase of the IT Audit, your organisation is checked for business readiness and your disaster recovery and backup plans are thoroughly analysed. Backup and recovery process is evaluated and the business continuity readiness is gauged. Suggestions and recommendations are offered to minimise downtime and stay operations in the event of a major disaster.

Network Security

Once the hardware and plans are tested and analysed, the IT and network security strategy and practices are closely observed. Security patches, antivirus and other software configurations are evaluated for protection against malware, virus, trojans and the latest ransomware. Security permissions are tested and staff awareness is also analysed.

Finally at the end of the 27-point IT network health audit, businesses are provided with a detailed "Report of Findings" that includes suggestions and recommendations to optimise your IT environment and maximise performance.