IT Planning Services

IT Roadmap

An effective IT roadmap encourages a clear line of communication between the staff and management. It helps prioritise resources, projects and technology and act strategically while making investment decisions.

A company without an effective IT roadmap lacks alignment between projects and budget leading to increased technology costs and/or missed deadlines. Empower IT specialises in analysing business goals and creating a realistic IT roadmap that can help increase operational efficiencies, minimise risk and ensure compliance.

There is never a good enough excuse for not having an IT roadmap. Contact the Empower IT right away to get a strategic IT roadmap according to your business vision.

IT Disaster Recovery

Whether it be a system crash, or a natural disaster, or a theft or possibly a fire? Yes, you might be insured, but what do you do when hundreds of clients’ files are lost and you need to start from scratch? An inadequate disaster recovery plan could incur significant businesses costs.

IT Disaster Recovery is critical part of an organisation to ensure the business stays operational in the face of data loss or infrastructure failure. Empower IT' disaster recovery consulting services have been designed to analyse a wide range of potential risks and offer the best plan and processes to minimise risks from events that are outside your span of control.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is the main talk of the town in an age where data is essential for continuity. If you are a business operating in 2016 and believe that technology is the strongest differentiator for competitiveness, then you are right. But that is the least of it, what happens when all your time and effort is put in, and a disaster occurs?

Empower IT Business Continuity services include assessing your current business continuity plan against your company objectives, development of an optimised business continuity strategy, analyse your ability to meet the business continuity plan and advising the steps to reduce exposure to business risks by way of infrastructure planning.