Managed IT Services

Our agile and nimble managed it services are second to none.

Managed IT Services are essential to any company looking to focus on their core business. Our managed services approach ensures efficiency by offering a variety of IT components at a fixed monthly rate. Our agile and nimble approach allows you to pick and choose the best solution for your company.

Some of our managed services components include the Service Desk, Managed Infrastructure, Mobile Device Management, Managed Back-ups, Monitoring and more!

Service Desk

Support your staff today!

Empower IT Solutions offers Managed IT Services desk and on-site support services to companies in Sydney to cater for all your computer network needs. Our managed IT services desk includes telephone, email and remote support allowing us to quickly troubleshoot and resolve most technical issues.

Empower IT Solutions has a team of dedicated and highly skilled engineers, technicians and service desk personnel working out of our Sydney head office, who are on-call to service your business at a fraction of the cost of employing your own. All our engineers speak plain English and have years of experience in troubleshooting and resolving computer networking issues quickly.

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Managed Infrastructure

Options available for managed infrastructure solutions are extensive!

Regardless of which options are best for you, we provide monthly preventative maintenance. The choices you have with our managed infrastructure components are highly versatile. We tailor our solutions in every way imaginable. From having elements of your infrastructure outsourced in secure data centres, through to having servers available on site, we can cater and manage.

Our managed infrastructure options are very highly regarded by our current clients, as we monitor, track, back-up and maintain their infrastructure to the best of our abilities. The importance of keeping your infrastructure up-to-date is growing as the need for data to be kept secure, continuously grows.

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Monitoring your data, could make all the difference.

Monitoring usually includes infrastructure and back-ups, but also could include monitoring your PCs.

Monitoring your servers and back-ups is an easy way to get notified of issues before they become failures. Our 24 x 7 Monitoring systems flag problems dynamically which lowers the risk without having to pay someone to manually check each day.

We provide your business with updates on the issues that arise, and the recommendations we would deliver on. Monitoring can truly provide insight into what is necessary of your current systems to not fail when necessary.

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Managed Backup

In the case of major disasters, you need to be able to backup fast and recover even faster!

How much back-up do I need? Engineering a back-up solution around your business is one of our specialties. At a minimum, most businesses need incremental, daily and weekly back-ups. Off-site back-ups are usually essential. Perhaps the most important element in a managed back-up system is the ability to restore a lost e-mail, file or hard-disk on short notice. Sometimes, back-ups are working, but the data is corrupt! Therefore, a regular back-up and restore test is mandatory.

There are a few options when backing up your data that include; on-site, private cloud or public cloud back-ups. Empower IT Solutions will be able to advise your company, based on the goals and objectives, which options would best suit your business.

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Mobile Device Management

Have you ever checked your email on your mobile phone?

The boom of SMART phones and other technological advancements has given businesses the option of growing exponentially! The level of mobility we have today is phenomenal. It has all extended as far as operating entire businesses from the comfort of your own home.

With the world becoming our oyster, what happens when all that mobility malfunctions? Our mobile device management empowers our clients to be on the go, anywhere in the world.

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