Monitoring and Reporting

Every step of the way, your systems will be tracked in real-time. Our dashboards keep us up-to-date with all the issues that are occurring or could possibly arise from rogue apps, slow systems or any other mobile device related issues. We keep you updated about how staff utilise your devices and what could be done to increase productivity through mobility.

Support of all devices

From SMART phones through to tablets, our tools have the capability to manage a range of devices. Our experiences are far from limited to any specific device or operating system. Centralising the support of all your devices with Empower IT, ensures that you will have constant support around the clock.

Complete control of all devices

Mass manage all your mobile devices with the autonomy to override settings when necessary. The importance of having password policies, app deployment and phone settings can differ between departments and still remain easy to manage. Easily access and configure, emails, Wi-Fi, Inventory, Apps and Alerts.

Track and manage all SMART devices

Not only can you track your SMART devices in real-time, but you can store complete location history for each device. Our team can supervise staff routes, turn off the location history, send directions to employees and to a large extent, improve customer service. Along with the tracking, management of all your Apps has become extremely easy. With simple deployment of Apps to groups of devices, you can monitor, white list, and blacklist all the apps available.

Advanced security

In the event of a theft or loss of one or more of your devices, data on those devices if fallen in the hands of the wrong people, could be thoroughly abused. Confidentiality is essential and Empower IT understands this entirely. So with our mobile device management, if the situation was to arise when a device would get lost or stolen, we have the ability to change the password and lock the device from our own dashboards. This will safeguard all of the data on the device until you can retrieve it. However in the unlikely event that it can’t be recovered, we have the ability to completely wipe all the data from a centralised location. In the case where your device doesn’t have internet, we can either lock or wipe your devices completely, via sms. This provides a high level of autonomy over your devices and allows for a complete security solution.