What's involved

A thorough analysis

We are thorough in our analysis. We run a pre-analysis and a post-analysis to ensure that all our products and services are running efficiently. With our backups, monitoring, and service trifecta, we know we can deliver an excellent service and still save your company more money than you can imagine, both immediately and in the long-run.

On-going Service

Here at Empower IT Solutions we go by a Managed IT Services model. That means we specify exactly how much you will be spending month by month and we set up, maintain and monitor all your infrastructure, while being on-call ready to fix issues that could arise.

Quick, Lean Projects

Our senior infrastructure engineers are highly qualified to implement any IT project. When we have a major project, having them as a part of the team, we can confidently say that we our projects never require us to come out again to fix them. But we send out a project manager for a post-analysis to ensure the process was smooth.