Corporate Staff Directory

image credit @Vinewave

An organisation is like an ocean of people organised in departments working together to achieve the common business goal. Effective collaboration and interaction between people and teams from different departments or locations are thus imperative. Employee interaction can be effective and efficient only if easy access to staff information is readily available.

An effective corporate staff directory needs to be equipped with search capability provides staff with the option to customise their search by name, department, job title, location, skills and much more.

Why do businesses need Corporate Staff Directory?

Although there are many off-the-shelf corporate directory solutions available, some organisations may need an application that would help integrate their local SharePoint and Active Directory systems and allow contextual filtering.

Empower IT developed a custom application using the Vinewave software that worked with SharePoint 2010 and 2013 versions and integrated the local SharePoint instance with Active Directory.

With the help of the Corporate Staff Directory, businesses are able to pre-populate as much standardised information as possible and have additional fields to capture employee skills, certifications and any other custom fields as required by the business.

Businesses that have used our custom-built Corporate Staff Directory no longer need to manually maintain staff details. With this web-based application; employees have access to phone numbers, Skype details, email addresses, certifications/skills, past and current projects, location, department, job titles and staff networking profiles such as LinkedIn. Any previous issues with outdated phone-books have been eliminated.

With this Corporate Staff Director, companies were able to easily and quickly locate the right person for the project. Employees can also connect with each other based on expertise and share knowledge as well as handle critical projects together. The corporate staff directory self-updates to offer the latest and up-to-date information at all times.  The Corporate Staff Directory goes beyond the usual off-the-shelf staff directories and offers many organisational-level styling and customisations.

If you are using SharePoint and would be interested to experience the benefits of the Corporate Staff Directory, contact the team on 1300 797 888.