Client Management System for Health & Disability Services

The Empower IT Client Management Software has been designed to specifically handle the complexities & difficulties of managing client information in the health & disability services sector and can be used for business activities that include recording, tracking and maintaining client data; maintaining staff details; invoicing and billing.

Quality Document Management System

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Management System allows companies to: store all their quality documents in a secure online repository, track revisions with version controls, apply user access restrictions or permissions and ensure only accurate and up-to-date quality documents are available for use by employees.

Incident Management System

The SharePoint-based Incident Management system allows companies to identify, report, analyse, respond to, or act upon issues arising in relation to workplace health and safety, business management and quality assurance.

Continuous Improvement Register

The Empower IT Continuous Improvement Register has been designed to help companies optimise their business workflows, increase business efficiencies and reduce operational risks. It focuses on keeping track of: process or procedural issues, identified risks, reported incidents, and associated improvement ideas, implementation schedules and outcomes.